Heaven Razah Music Inc

Wu-Tang Affiliate Heaven Razah launches Christian Hip-Hop Label

Legendary Wu-Tang Clan/ Sunz of Man member Chron “Hell Razah” Smith became saved and changed his name to “Heaven Razah” in 2009. Now, he has created Heaven Razah Music, Inc. a Christian record label.

In 2004, Chron’s record label Hell Razah Music, Inc was established and by 2013 his label and G.H.E.T.T.O. G.O.V.T (Go Hear Emmanuel Teach the Others God’s Only Victorious Truth) movement established chapters, community service projects, & music all over the globe.

In 2017, Heaven Razah Music, Inc. was “established in order to provide a Christ-centered outlet for spiritually conscious musicians also referred to as ‘Street Prophets’. It is the vision of Heaven Razah Music, Inc. to shed the light of the Lord in darkest corners of the world through hip-hop music. (John 3:17)”

So this is with a lot of pride and pleasure that Hell Razah officially announces the creation of Heaven Razah Music Inc. a Christian and conscious spiritual Hip Hop label.

Chairman/ Founder:
Chron “Heaven Razah” Smith

Rachel “Queen the Prophet” Lombardozzi

Vice President:
Aaron “The Messenger/ formerly Sneak Vandel” Warner

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