Fix Meister

Also going by the name of Captain Hal (Halriasa) the Fix Meister is the CFO of the International Underground Rap & Hip Hop connexion and the IT Director of Ghetto Government Official and Hell Razah Music Inc., the movement and label of the Sunz Of Man and Wu affialiate Hell Razah aka Heaven Razah.

Fix is also webmaster of course of the Intl Underground and the Official IT Lead for Darkstarz Records.

He is official webmaster for (to name a few):

Hell Razah /
Queen The Prophet (QTP) /
Dj Lord Jazz (Lords Of The Underground) [LINK]
Mr Funke (Lords Of The Underground) (Under construction)
Moon Crickets (the group of Killah Priest, Dj Mercilless and Lord Fury)
Darkstarz Records / DSR:

Starrlight (Under construction)
Juxx Diamondz [LINK]

The Fix Meister is building business development websites at very fair prices (not only for the music community) so if you have a budget and want to push up your music you can email him for info at