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“Dedicated” Legendary hip hop all vinyl mixshow. Special “WNUR” 2016 Phoneathon LEAP YEAR edition 2/29/16. Each year our radio station holds a phoneathon to continue operating for an addition year. We have been blessed to be on a 7200 watt radio station, given 5 hours, allowed to play dirty versions of songs, and being one of the first stations in the world to stream live. Sun-Mon 12midnight-5am CST. This show is where “YOU” the listener helps us reach our goal for our show and not the station of $3,000. For 24 years we have been on Chicago radio stations playing hip hop strictly on vinyl. Phoneathon is a 10 days long, but the most important time is Sunday 9pm-Mon 5am. That is where we know all your donations will go towards our radio show “Dedicated” you can donate anytime and it goes into the same place. We just want to show the station how supportive our “TEAM DEDICATED” family is. The phone number to make a donation is 847-491-3655 to donate online go here