Warporn Industries

For a long time we’ve been going back and forth about  : Hip Hop is dead… The older folks in the grind have been caught off guard with the complete change in style. The newer generation swears we don’t understand their “swagg” , I think it’s safe to say : this Art form has been in peril. Well, One night out of the blue I came across this mixture of cats I respect  and thought  well,  this could be great or, this could ruin my vision of the Hip Hop Legends… I took the chance and was beyond elated to hear that this group called Warporn Industries composed of : Everlast, Sick Jacken, Divine Styler  all legends in their own right. I can’t tell you how relieved I feel knowing these guys are representing the Hip Hop Nation. I believe that the golden era has a second chance to show the young bucks how HIP HOP is made !  ~ B.Original Armendariz