The Prodeje Project – Good Times

The Prodeje Project – Good Times

Good Times is the 2nd video from the EP by The Prodeje’s of the South Central Cartel. This is
some Soulful Introspective Hip-Hop. For those that enjoy real soul touching conversation with a
musical vibe. You can get lost in time too… It still has that street edge that The S.C.C. is
known to bring but with a mature level of expression.

Featuring: Compton rapper Daddy D aka Dizzle & Yetta. In the beginning of the video you can hear What Happened song. The video dedicated in loving memory of Dizzle’s mother Erma «Cheese» Robinson.

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Dizzle in Instagram: https://t.co/Zq03P6gosN

Big Prodeje in Instagram: https://t.co/SLi3OC9Q3j