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Moka Only Tourchlight Commission Tour is on!!! With special Canadian Guests!

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– Abstract Artform
– Jon Drezden
– F.R.O.S.T
– RO.G
– King Tats-
– Dj Sandman

About Moka Only

If there’s one thing that Moka Only’s known for, more than his emcee and production abilities, it’s his almost unfathomable work rate. In nearly two decades of rapping, the Victoria, BC native has released over 50 albums, worked under multiple aliases – including Ron Contour, The Durable Mammal and Flow Torch – and collaborated with the likes of J Dilla and MF Doom. He’s also been a part of several groups, including Code Name: Scorpion, The Dominant Mammals, Cryptic Souls Crew and most notably the platinum selling Swollen Members, which he co- founded and named. It’s no wonder they call him “The Most Prolific.” To Moka Only, though, that work rate doesn’t seem like a big deal.”I don’t think there’s anything special about it,” he says “I don’t see why it’s such a difficult thing for artists to grasp. I hear other people say “How do you do it?” How do you not do it? Music’s my only job.”

In 1995, Moka Only co-founded the Swollen Members after returning to Canada following a stint in San Diego. (He came up with the name in a Denny’s, because he liked the double entendre.) That said, he soon left the group to work on his solo material. While Only may have an almost mind blowing number of releases under his belt, his commercial peak came when he re-joined the Swollen Members in 2002. The group won multiple Junos and several number one hits. In 2005, Only left the group again, concerned that it was taking time away from his solo work.

Moka Only is also renowned as a man of many names, releasing under pseudonyms like Ron Contour and Torch. He says that the different aliases allow him to tell different stories.

“In hip-hop, people expect you to tell the same story you’ve always been telling,” he says. “In other forms of music, it seems like artists are allowed to try on different authors hats. In hip-hop you’re just supposed to be telling your autobiography. Other aliases allow me to be different characters, or even different aspects of my own character.” Somewhat amazingly, Only says his goal for the coming year is to “go back to being prolific.” He says that he felt like he was a little lazy in 2012, only releasing one bona fide solo album. (He also released a collaborative record, as well as the latest edition of his more “sonically experimental” Martian Xmas series.) “When I say I want to put out a project a month, I could do that,” he says. “I have a lot of old, unreleased material. I could put out some older material one month, then a new project, and the next month could be an instrumental project.”


FUEL INJECTED – Swollen Members & Moka Only

BRING IT HOME – Swollen Members & Moka Only

STEPPIN THRU – Swollen Members & Moka Only

BREATH – Swollen Members & Moka Only feat: Nelly Furtado



Canadian Emcees Information

ABSTRACT ARTFORM is a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer from Canada. Considered one of the most prolific and funkiest beatmakers in Canada, Abstract has brought Hip-Hop back to the origins. Often compared to the early greats and the true lyricists of our time Abstract is a firm believer in the elements and it comes through in his music. A solo beatmaker and MC, he’s a one man crew, and in 2005 formed a project management firm/label coined Sound Management Productions. Since the record labels inception there has been three releases.
The most recent is Abstract Artform’s “Prairie Kid”, which is available worldwide. Abstract Artform has shared the mic with several artists including Akil the MC from Jurassic 5 and Ceeknow from Digable Planets. Currently Abstract is doing shows to support the release and working on the new record. Kick back relax, roll a special cigarette and enjoy some Abstract Artform
www.abstractartform.com https://abstractartform.bandcamp.com/




Living away from his family at an early age, charlie struggled with direction. He found himself dealing with the harsh realities of the street life shortly after dropping out of highschool. Pain accumulated, storing cancerous like, eating him inside out. He had to find a way to heal and all he had was time. Through writing he found a positive way to express himself, which on a daily basis, helped release tension. He grew bold and dug deeper, realizing the creative genius he had deep within him. He worked diligently, chasing this potential so the world could hear him like he envisioned and now, that now is here.
Charlie Recently dropped his Debut Single “Started From Beginning” which is a single from his debut project Dark Lost. He plans on dropping the Ep in February along side the official video for “Started From Beginning”. A year prior to the release he posted Via: Facebook “All I need is one producer to vibe wit” #vibesovereverything
He gives well-deserved credit to Araz Namavar (Araz Productions) at Compound studio Vancouver, Canada for being that guy. Another quality Producer Ty Danelley (Risk Engineering) From Toronto, Canada also worked on the project. Charlie, Mr .Blvcks, has potential and a belief with it that makes most people feel uncomfortable.
This is why he looks to creative geniuses Kanye west, Michael Jackson and Prince who have not been afraid to be vocal, stay true to self and have never been intimidated by the art of chasing perfection.
Charlie is an in-direct product of the civil war in South Sudan. Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1988, immigrated to Vancouver Canada in 94. Though his path in life was not the toughest, it definitely was not the easiest or smoothest.
Charlie is an in-direct product of the civil war in South Sudan. Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1988, immigrated to Vancouver Canada in 94. Though his path in life was not the toughest, it definitely was not the easiest or smoothest.
He believes he is a part of the light that can bring people together; his Purpose. The arts and everything that stems from creativity; his Passion.
His ability to affect the people around him and the world; his Power.

YouTube: @charlieblvckvevo / Vevo: Charlie Blvck @charlieblvcks – twitter/Facebook/SoundCloud/Instagram
https://open.spotify.com/artist/7bmE9XKoAfAwnRyZ2kwegU ITunes Dark Lost by Charlie Blvckhttps://itun.es/ca/JQuDhb


http://instagram.com/dcdartists https://www.facebook.com/dcdartists/