Shabaam Sahdeeq – Relax (REMIX) – OFFICIAL VIDEO

Here it is y’all !!! Sahdeeq’s directorial debut. E said to him self a while ago that he wanted a camera so he could shoot his own videos , so he got one, and this is one of the first videos he did just for fun. he shot it on a vacation cruise with his wife, he got on her nerves with this project but it came out dope to himme. he made her hold the camera steady while he did his rapping parts lmao!! The name of the song is “Relax” a song off of one of his best albums “Keepers of the lost art” (2014 best indie album UMA winner ? and his homie Olise Forel edited it for him. he don’t got a grip on editing thing yet, but he’s learning. He shot footage in Haiti, Puerto Rico, St marteen and on the Royal Caribian boat, plus they got some Trinidad in there from Olise’s trip. Let him know what u think. Share, like, post, etc….
Gepubliceerd op 20 mrt. 2017

Shabaam Sahdeeq drops his video for the DJ Dister Remix of “Relax” on the album “Keepers of the Lost Art”.

Directed by: Shabaam Sahdeeq
Additional Footage & Edited by: Olise Forel for Moving Silence

Remix by: DJ Dister

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