Red October

Red October

In their first official album together, Rest Rico (EL Capitan of Zu Bulliez and CEO of BiK Inc.) and Karnage Ca$hman (of Dirty Clanzmen and G.H.E.T.T.O GOVERNMENT OFFICIALZ NJ CHAPTER & P.M.P MG) link up to bring you “Red October”.

The two MC’s came together with a clear goal to put an official stamp out of hip hop authenticity onto this project and did so with ease. With the bar being set far above all the excessive watered down music in hip hop right now, Rest and Karnage with their extreme chemistry set out to give the streets and the hip hop community a dose of explosive bars and head knockin beats. The first track is a build up to something priming you for what your gonna be hit with throughout this album.Both of the MC’s has their own definitive style which play off each other very well, but mostly because of their own lyrical abilities. This is not a group where you need one with the other to make it work, this is simply two dope MC’s coming together to make something already official and set it on fire.

Rest Rico and Karnage Ca$hman are in no way new to the game and both have been working extensively on their music arsenals, both appearing on “Sneak Vandel Presents Museum of Hip Hop” Hosted By Dj Flipcyide in 2014, considered to be a classic to date. Rest Rico has released “Rest-80’s Baby in a 90’s crisis”, also “Cleveland Presents: Rest Real Life” and “REST BKZU”. You can also go to REST100.com and Reverbnation to find loads more of Rest Rico’s older and most current music. Karnage Ca$hman has released “BRITELITEZ GRITTYCITY EP” & his latest album “Still Karnage” which dropped this year in 2015. He also appeared on “Sneak Vandel Presents Museum Of Hip Hop 2” Hosted By Dj Flipcyide. You can find him as well on Reverbnation with some of his older and newer music.

I had a chance to catch up with Rest and Karnage and the general concensus from the both of them was “We need to get back to the lyrics and music with substance”. In talking with both artist for a brief period of time I couldn’t help but think when leaving hip hop in the hands of the next generation, we need more artist like this to carry the torch. “Red October” is a testament to new hip hop born off the generation of the golden era.
Pre-orders for Red October now available at a special discounted rates email bikSquadRest@gmail.com to reserve your copy.Rest Rico#Zu Bulliez & Karnage Ca$hman #DirtyClanzmen#GGONJ Official Wu-Tang Affiliates.

Review written by Nicholas Misha Dabich aka MISH