#Respect&Love for the “Dedicated” Hip Hop Mixshow in Chicago! #Unique

“Dedicated” is all vinyl hip hop radio unedited mixshow every week starting on Sunday midnight-5am Monday morning CST from Chicago’s WNUR 89.3fm & www.wnur.org.

This is a 5 hours of the hip hop new, old, rare, remixes all mixed dedicated to hip hop lovers!!

The show is mixed live by Dj 3rd Rail and hosted by Towtruck who spread out each week some awesome energy around!! Not to mention also “The Keeper Of The Archives”, Jay Knopick aka OvadoseKutz.


Dj 3rd Rail


Jay Keeper of the archives

Here is an extract of the interview I had the honor to realize a year ago with Dj 3rd Rail and that introduce you a bit to the history of the show and the concept (full interview can be check via this link):

Nahila S – How and when did Dedicated the Hip Hop vinyl Mixshow was born?

DJ 3RD RAIL – Dedicated hip hop mixshow started in the mid 90’s on Chicago’s WNUR Northwestern college 7200 watt radio station. It was originally called “6ft Unda” hosted by Vaughn C. After the 911 terrorist attacks on America in 2001 we felt the name “6ft Unda” did not fit. So we brainstormed for 2-3 weeks to think of a name that honored those who lost their life that day and the weeks, months and years to come. Also a name that fit our show, so we came up with “Dedicated”.

Nahila S – The mixshow lasts 5 hours, how do you prepare for a set?

DJ 3RD RAIL – 5 hours is a long time to DJ so many times we try to get a half crate filled and than as the show is playing we’ll think of songs that would sound good with the ones we are playing and than just grab those songs and mixed them together. Once in a while we will do a specialty show. Maybe an artist, producer, label, group, or theme and we gather those records together and just mix one after another for 5 hours. It takes several hours or sometimes days to put shows together but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We play new, old, rare, remixes and mix them together.

Nahila S – Dedicated’s audience is worldwide, how does it influences your musical choices (if it does)?

DJ 3RD RAIL – Our audience is globally because we have been doing radio for almost 24 years. We have done over 50 different mixtapes (cassette’s and CD’s) that have been sold globally. We have traveled the world and have purchased hip hop records in different languages. People have followed us before the internet, but since the internet we have been one of the first to have a presence. People can count on us and the respect has been earned for the thousands of radio shows we have done. We mix great hip hop on vinyl regardless of language barriers.

Here is out of a talk that I had with Towtruck about the show asking him to present it and how he came to it for our website:

“I met 3rd Rail in the Guardian Angel Safety Patrol in 1988. We bonded through the music of hip hop. On the subway ride home after patrol, we’d trade Walkmen and I’d listen to his Rakim and he’d be rockin’ my P.E.. It’s really cool seeing where he’s come as far as record collection and turntable skills from being there the day we found the best deal on his 1st pair of 1200’s and doubles of Cypress Hill.

I started hosting ‘Dedicated’ around 2003. I felt comfortable doing it after watching Vaughn C. host for so many years on 6 ft. Unda., and I’ve always been interested in radio. Listening to late night hiphop programs on the Southside of Chicago on WKKC and WHPK or enjoying the Northside’s WLUW and WNUR, when I spent the night at my cousin’s house. Broadcasting wise, I was one of the geeks in high school hosting and spinning the tunes at lunch in the student center.

Sometimes it’s hard to physically be at the station, but I’ve made a commitment to do so and barring physical health or being out of town, I’m gonna make it. Yes, the thought of wackness getting paid while we’re doing this for free does arise on those 2 hour each way public transportation ride while the car isn’t running, or the white-knuckle drives in blizzard conditions. or, the other opportunities one has to do other activities.

I do feel it’s pretty dope how far we’ve come with our ‘hobby’ and how many people around the world appreciate what we do and how we do it. I also understand the responsibility we have as broadcasters in speaking to those young impressionable ears, not with the music, but when speaking on community and world related issues.

Ha, my ‘marks’ on the show? You know how DaTruckster do.”


DJ Miguels – from Evanston: “I’ve listened to Dedicated since the Six Feet Unda days, and have been consistently reminded of the vibrancy, lyrical intricacy and overall attention to detail that is characteristic of great Hip Hop – now and in the past.”

Dr. Nexuz – from Rotterdam, Netherlands: “I Love Dedicated since Grandmaster Deejay DCREAL67 showed me. Even when he was diagnosed with cancer. He still listend to the Hip Hop Mixshow. Dedicated has been inspiration ever since he died. I lost a very good friend. But I gained some more friends overseas. Deejay 3RD RAIL AND TOWTRUCK! and the whole Dedicated Family around the world. On the facebook page. Hip Hop will never stop. They proof that!”

Gracie Ellen – from USA: “This show is the best for making a party out of the night, every Sunday!”

Mayacu Silviu Skunk – Romania : “Like i say first time #HipHopHeaven, now is viral for me is like Oxygen , is more than a show is my family my air !!!”

Dedicated Archives [Link] (gems after gems.. the dream for any Hip Hop heads)

Twitter page www.twitter.com/DJ3RDRAIL

REAL HIP HOP IS STILL ON THE RADIO!! “Dedicated” is the proof that quality hip hop is still played on the radio tun in if you have the chance we are sure you will enjoy!