RePPiN4U is a Hip Hop show hosted by Michael Grant aka Grant Body P.

Grant Body P

Grant Body P

For you to understand the show better here is an extract of a short interview with Grant Body P and Isa Nahila S on our website:

“The concept is a result of people on social media throwing up memes stating ‘Hip Hop is Dead’ or ‘Rap was better in the 90s’ or ‘Hip Hop is not on the Radio’ Everyone has an opinion, and while the memes are aimed at mainstream radio, I saw it as a form of ignorance, and that’s my opinion. The show is aimed at such people who want Hip Hop to be on the radio. Most mainstream radio now support ‘trap music’, which appeals more to the younger generation.

This show brings Hip Hop in its purest form which is aimed at primarily the older audience, but it doesn’t mean the younger generation cannot tune in – THEY CAN. The idea is to let the audience know of the latest and hottest hip hop in the streets, US AND UK, plus hip hop news and information on the latest shows which will be UK based. Not only that, artists can submit their music but what we won’t play is what the mainstream radio is already playing i.e. trap music. The idea is to present the show of near ‘mainstream like quality’ to help defeat those myths people throw up on social media.



The name ‘RePPiN4U’ is named after the Black Milk track ‘RePPiN For U’ from the album Tronic. In that track, he states:

“This dude asked me, “What’s the answer to this hip hop cancer?”
I’m so hungry for real sh!t it feels like I’m fasting
They told me, stop living in the past, get past it
The Golden Era it would never come back
Told him, I hear what he’s saying and I’m tryin’ to be a crutch to hold it up
But I know what I contribute is not enough so…”

Those words are true and most likely be underrated in the annuls of Hip Hop History. I know that I alone cannot bring the true essence back, it needs a combined effort from fans to DJs to everyone in the industry.” (Michael Grant aka Grant Body P)


Michael Grant Biography

Michael Grant is a Hip Hop fanatic turned journalist from Wolverhampton, UK. He began his career in journalism by doing a favour for Unique Heat which is an online publication aimed at its 5% audience. He wrote a review for the Raekwon ‘Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang’ album. After great response, he found his calling during his period of unemployment and pursued his dream of journalism which dormant within him since childhood and attended the University of Wolverhampton in 2011 and attained a BA Hons Degree in Broadcast Journalism by 2016. During that time, he developed a blogsite entitled ‘RePPiN4U’ ( which was aimed at the true hip hop fans. He also has a section for his wrestling audience where he goes under the alias ‘Infamous Informer’ and gives his views on WWE every week.
In 2014, his blogsite soon manifested into a radio show of the same name. He wanted his radio show to be aimed at the hip hop fans who missed that true essence on the radio but not just that, each month he has a themed show where the listeners create the playlist with their requests.
RePPiN4U is so called because one day while on vacation Grant was simply relaxing poolside with his MP3 player on, and the track by Black Milk ‘RePPiN For You’ was on deck and the lyrics and the landscape vibe of the track took Grant in another zone. Grant had the track on repeat and that’s how he came with the concept of bringing that sound for the people, hence ‘Representing for the fans, the people’, RePPiN4U.
RePPiN4U HIP HOP SHOW showcases the freshest hip hop heat from established artists and upcoming talent as well as exclusive interviews and themed shows once every month where the listeners create the playlist, inspired by 90s cable channel ‘The Box: Music Television You Control’ and is hosted by Grant Body-P! and is broadcast every Tuesday 3x a day on 11pm HONG KONG – 11pm UK – 11pm LA (Check Time Zones) and is then repeated as an Encore Presentation on the BDSIR NETWORK Every Wednesday/Thursday 8pm EST – 1am UK. You can catch up on any past shows on his mixcloud under his real name. Artists can send their track submissions to RePPiN4U is a proud partner of the International Underground Rap Hip Hop Connection.

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