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[source : Giovanni Fichera (Social Media Assassin) FB: Follow ]
Here a “lost” Interview.
(The page who published it is down)
*When did your PE Admin of two websites start?*
It was early summer of 2013. As a heavy user I started to complained the whole time at the Groupfounder and Headadmin Papiss Ndir about all the Non Public Enemy content on his both PE FB Groups. Users were posting their “oh look I can hold a mike therefore I am a Rapper” Videos. or buy your sunglasses here.
Seeing that I am a true PE Fan Papiss asked me If I want to join the Team as a admin so I can care about the groups to keep the Frequency clear. The rest is history.
*When did you meet Chuck and Flav?*
The first time I had the Chance to talk to Chuck and Flav was right after a concert in December 2008. It was a short chat. They invited me to join them at the Hotel but my car was frozen so I showed up too late. But I was on the guest list for the next concert in Frankfurt.
In November 2010 I met them again. Thanks Again to Mailk Farakhan
*What did they say when you started?*
I don´t have explicit feedback by Chuck and Flav on it. But I know that they know what I am doing.
Seeing they are using my posts too to use it on the official FB site. Last month when I met Public Enemy I got an shout out from Flav for my groups.
*How did you first become a PE FAN*
It was winter 1988/89 As usually I was standing on the schoolcourt with my Walkman on listening to Beasty Boys and LL cool J. My best friend came to me and handed me a cassette with the words:
“You have to listen to this. You will like it” It was a copy of a copy of “ Yo! Bum rush the show”
He was right. Pressing Play changed my life. I was instantly blown away. “You gonna get yours” pumped at high volume through my brain. What a Noise, what a intensity. The soundcollage the wall of noise, and the intensity of Chucks voice got me from this moment on. I had no Idea PE were rapping about but it HAD to be important when you are Rapping with such an Intensity.
*What was your most powerful PE concert you have ever been to? *
November 2010. It was the Tour, PE performing Live “It takes a Nation to hold us back”
2 and half hours of unbound energy.
*Which collabo did you like the best and which did you think fit the best To PE?*
The Collabo with Anthrax is legendary and runs out of competition.
So I pick something the common fan has not on his playlist.
I like Real TLK featuring Run from Run DMC and a very uncommon colabo is:
Isaac Hayes – Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic ft. Chuck D
Funfact; The Original was sampled by PE in “black Steel in the hour of Chaos”
*Do you think the message of PE Ever changed over the Years?*
The World has changed and so the messages changed but never the intensity.
Looking on the todays situation I think we need a “Stop the Violence” and “Fight the power” again.
Unfortunately one of the most actual songs is “she watch Chanel Zero”
*What is the message of PE what makes you a PE Fanatic and fan?*
For me it, was the Sound. The quantity of samples. The average Rap crew sampled about 3-4 Pieces of music. And PE sampled about 12-15 ! It´s fun to listen to the sampled songs and trying to find out what the Bombsquad build. You can listen to the records for ages and still finding “new” parts in it.
*Did you ever think PE was against white people?*
No. I never felt like this.
*PE was more relevant in the past when Fight the Power came out True oe False and Why?*
Unfortunately True and False.
Due the actual Airplay only promoting Artists who are rapping about bitches, money, rims, drugs, party and shit, the focus in the society is wrong. When the dress or the gossip of the artist today is more important than a political or social message, something is wrong.
It´s a matter of the elder teaching the youth. Bringing back the focus on true matters. Tracks like “Fight the Power” are more relevant than ever.
*Terminator X is still missing do you agree?*
Without disrespect: no! X did a lot for the PE, but not as much the average fan thinks
Yes he was the Tour DJ and was credited as DJ and Lead Scrach on the Records.
But a lot of the scratches on the early PE records were made by Johnny “Juice” Rossado.
After the retirement of X the Place of the DJ was perfectly filled by DJ Lord.
He put it to a new technical level.
*Whats your favorite Album or two albums?*
I want to chose something different something not Rap / HipHop
The Blues Brothers OST. I love this Music since Day one. I never get tired listen to it.
Great RnB and Soul music,
and Queen “Live Killers” This world today need a Freddy Mercury again. All these wannabe Musicians would “bite the dust” This Music is timeless.
*Tell me your coolest pe story or anecdotes i can use.*
In summer I was bowling with my Familiy. On this day I decided to represent Public Enemy. I sported classical PE shirt. After 5 minutes at the bowling I was approached by a man about 35 years, giving me props for the shirt with the words: “ unfortunately they broke up”
This poor guy had to suffer for the next hour with a Public Enemy history update what happened the 20years 😉
I*f you have a picture which you can use i will use it.*
Yes shure.
It was 2008 As usually I was in the front row. As everyone else I make some fotos with my digicam.
at one time, In the middle of the performance Chuck stepped up to me, took my Cam and made a selfie of us both without stopping to rap. I used this pic for years as profile pic on FB.
There is Andrea “Hank Tattoo” Leone on this Pic too. He is a great Italian Photographer and close Friend Public Enemy .
*What is your best RAP concert you have ever been to.*
The disposable Heroes of Hypocrisy. In the early 90s
they have played not only with Dat and DJ like the everage Rapgroup. They used Rims, Hammers, Cutting blades, Steel beams, and a Band to do their Industrial sound live on stage.