(Premiere) Heavy on the Lemon – A Sour Life

The International Underground Rap and Hip Hop Connexion is introducing you to the new album by Heavy on the Lemon, “A Sour Life”.

Heavy on the Lemon is a group made of PC who is a Bronx, NY native Emcee. Born and bred in the streets of NYC, it’s only natural Hip Hop culture heavily influences his lyrical style. He has witnessed the evolution of rap music throughout the years. Especially since he was raised in the era and borough Hip Hop was born in. And of Jesse Calico, who is also an Emcee from the bronx and who produced and mixed the entire album.

Be curious about Heavy on the Lemon – A Sour Life like we are! This is a very Fresh full of good vibes!

Stream the album  on [LINK]

Grab your copy at  [LINK]