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“Night Owls” by MC Saunt

MC Saunt

MC Saunt is an Emcee from the bronx member of the group Bloody Raw, and also a member of the collective DSR (Darkstarz Records). The International Underground Rap & Hip Hop Connexion was interested into meeting him to talk about his new podcast “Night Owls”.

Nahila S: MC Saunt tell us a bit more about the group Bloody Raw and yourself?

MC Saunt: Truth be told we try to stay very active on DSR & do plan to drop a Bloody Raw lp in the very near future. That being said there has been a great deal of things that we have had to deal with in our personal lives that has kind of put things on hold b for Bloody Raw as group. No worries though there are at least 2 Saunt & 1 Bloody Raw project on the way.

Nahila S: So today we are here to talk about the Night Owls podcast, when was it born and what is the concept?

MC Saunt: Nite Owlz was actually conceived during a series of deep marijuana fueled conversations between myself & several of my peeps combined with a Kevin Smith Q & A I saw last year. Allow me to elaborate.

At some point it dawned on me that my preferred form of entertainment was actually just shooting the sh%t with my friends & family during my downtime. Besides the fact that I’m grateful to be surrounded by such colorful & entertaining nut jobs I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with this information.

None the less I knew I had to do something with it. Then one night Im watching this Kevin Smith Q&A thing and he said something that just made the light bulb go on. He basically went on to say something about how his 1st real film was basically a cinematic interpretation of him & his friends just talking sh*t. I said to myself…”That’s f*ckin genius. I’m just gonna take the spirit of these wild pot conversations & turn it into a podcast. I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about it so I found a lot of inspiration online as far as how to go about it. We just started though lets see what happens. In the meantime we are just having fun with it. I’m sure it will get much more polished as we go along. Special thanks to Vibe Live Radio for all their faith & support.

Nahila S: You told me the that “It’s more about the fact that life is stranger than fiction with a hip hop vibe”, can you expand a bit?

MC Saunt: Absolutely. Being that the idea behind the show is that it mirrors the type conversation I enjoy with my friends I try to match that energy on the show. Its that feeling that you’re just chillin at your boy’s crib chopping it up about some crazy real life events with some beats in the back and a dutch in the cypher. A show for the urban philosopher. haha!

Nahila S: Why did you decide to to that?

MC Saunt: Because I can & that’s good enough for me.


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