#News that we think matters! Boaz Bagbag Opens Autistic Children Nursery in NYC!

Article written by By Bryson Paul

NEW YORK – Autism is common. More than 200,000 new cases discovered annually, primarily diagnosed at infancy. Common, the resources for the disease are limited and inconvenient. Manhattan’s Bozaz Bagbagprovides Uptown with a premiere location as he opens a nursery for Autistic children in Manhattan.

Known as the First Tree Center. The nursery will be available for all autistic children in the surrounding New York-area. Providing urgent assistance, classrooms, and rehabilitating day care for children between infants through 3-years-old.

Reports have shown, currently, 16 diagnosed infants travel to nurseries outside New York-area while other remain home due to inability of convenient travel outside the Tri-State

Successful entrepreneur Bozaz Bagbag (54) has invented safety products for the automotive industry, Uber and Lyft-partnered black car service, and invested ambulance service that has employed thousands including U.S. immigrants seeking new opportunities as they relocate from foreign countries. Bagbag himself is a former immigrant who came to the Tri-State area in 1993 from Israel.

Autism (ASD) is a genetic disorder that can challenge social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. Often accompanied by other medical issues including seizures, sleep disturbances, and Gastrointestinal disorders (GI). Studies showthat Autism affects an estimated 1 in 59 children with symptoms appearing as early as 2-year-old. While treatable, Autism is an incurable lifelong developmental disorder.

Bagbag is hopeful through the opening of his Manhattan nursery will provide opportunity to learn more on autistic treatment. Challenge the education and cultural adversities with provided resources. Overall, assisting in the rapid growth of support within the immigrant community within New York.

In New York alone, in the last two years, we’ve seen growth approxily 65,000 immigrants involved in the cultural development of the Tri-State area. Bagbag has become one of the prominent figures in the educational, cultural, and economic growth of the surrounding Tri-State region. Continuing to provide resources for the less fortunate and necessities that were not available upon his original arrive immigrating to the U.S.