#New The Prodeje Project feat. LV & Daddy Dizzle – MAMA!! I Can’t Breathe!!

The SCC Camp Presents: MAMA!! I Can’t Breathe!!

Big Prodeje and Young Prodeje are members of The Legendary South Central Cartel. Together as The Prodeje Project they bring you Mama!! I Can’t Breathe!! Featuring: LV & Compton rapper Daddy D aka Dizzle. They speak their mind on the past and present police misconduct. The mistreatment of african americans and the abuse and misuse of authority given to those entrusted to serve and protect. In classic Prodeje form the music is soulful and Young Prodeje sets it off with powerful heartfelt lyrics and a strong delivery. The song is timely and timeless and the message is powerfully captured by the visuals. This message is strong and clear.

Buy MAMA!! I Can’t Breathe!! single on iTunes: https://t.co/i4HXCayxp5