#New Tell Her Nothing by NAI 1

NAI 1 is an artist From Far Rockaway Queens, New York who is making a name for herself in the music industry. NAI 1 has been rapping since she was ten years old and recording professionally since she was thirteen. Later she began performing at venues around New York City, including local clubs and lounges for open mic showcases.


NAI 1, was inspired to become an MC by hearing old recordings of her uncle, Dee Supreme and his rap group Elements of Madness (E.O.M). NAI 1 took on the torch and master the skill of songwriting. Surprised by the ability E.O.M attained, NAI 1 was reminded of the iconic group WU-tang. Ever since she Has pursued a career in music. As a signee of the indie label No Joke Records in 2013 NAI 1 was an opening act for the Reggae Carifest At the Barclay Center in Brooklyn New York. Sharing the stage with hip hop legends such as Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh was one of her most exhilarating accomplishments.

NAI 1 also had the opportunity to land an interview on 107.5 WBLS radio station with the legendary David Levy where she discussed her music and gave New York her very first live freestyle over the airwaves. Although NAI-1 had made great strides with her underground label, creative differences forced her to part ways. Now as an independent artist NAI 1’s goal is to remain in charge of her musical career while she takes progressive steps toward becoming the owner of her own record label and production company. As a spirited artist and aspiring entrepreneur NAI 1 has gained fans all across the country and other parts of the world. Her ability to convey messages through eclectic writing techniques has helped her to gain the support of people from all walks of life. With the drive to create and establish her own brand, NAI 1 understands the seriousness of maintaining a reputation which exudes professionalism. With her business savvy mentality and perfectionist style of lyricism, you can be sure NAI 1 will make headway as she continues to expand her fan base.

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