Today’s Hip Hop selection is a dope mixtape! MY KINDA UNDERGROUND MIXTAPE BY DJ DONOR

Dj Donor Wu Worldwide Dj

Wu Worldwide Coalition Dj Donor delivers a new mixtape. After the successfull release of his ‘My Kinda Hiphop’-mixtape (which got him nominated for ‘Best Grinding Mixtape Dj’) Dj Donor likes to pay attention to those artists who perform locally and worldwide, make tours and work hard to make hiphopmusic outside the general commercial canon.
‘My Kinda Underground’ is the second mixtape in the series of the many ‘My Kinda’ mixtapes that will be released and contains established names that are complemented by artists who, in his opinion, should be more in the spotlights too. It is to support those artists who typically do everything themselves whether it’s making songs, preparing shows or selling gear; the underground hiphopartists.

This mixtape has a great introduction by Teraban (Dom Pachino and Bugsy Da God) followed by 21 hot hiphoptracks. Underground artists like Arch Nem, P-Flame, Starrlight, Mister Personal and Young Gots are presenting their fire and will stand between names like Onyx, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Snowgoons. Ofcourse you can find some great tracks from the Protect Ya Neck Roster and even one with a Young Dirty Bastard-feature.

Dj Donor is the #3 in the Allstar Mixtape Dj Top 100 and is working with Protect Ya Neck Records, powered by Wu Management and combines his dj-skills with his producers-ear and creates great projects for different recordlabels with his custom made mixtapes and other productions.

Through his accessibility, enthusiasm and professionalism, Dj Donor can build bridges. Due to his positive, energetic and professional attitude towards everyone on and next to the stage, sponsors like Pelle Pelle and Saucony will still have his back.


1. Teraban War Potion
2. Arch Nem ft. JL We Shall Anoint
3. Sixman Shut Em Down
4. Nymrod Hell Yeah
5. Str8jakkett Fair Warning
6. Moon Crickets The One
7. Alpha Faktion System Shutdown
8. King Edward Castle
9. Snowgoons ft. Dilated people Way Ahead
10. Shabaam Sahdeeq Conceited Confidence
11. Arch Nem Freestyle
12. Grand Surgeon & Ruste Juxx Lit
13. Onyx & Dope D.O.D. Piro
14. Starrlight ft. Dynasty Peace Of Zen
15. DTACH ft. Young Dirty Bastard Shame On A Rapper
16. P-Flame ft. Purpose Till The Sun’s Up
17. Mister Personal ft. Big Huey U Should Know Better
18. Mr. Funke FOH
19. Arch Nem Rise
20. Dro Pesci ft. Skanks & Shatike Kill Switch
21. Young Gots Showtime

Contact info:
Website:   www.djdonor.com
Facebook:  @djdonor
Twitter:   @dj_donor
Instagram:  @djdonor

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