#New – Lil Fame – Say Nothin

Don’t be mistaken, the latest track “Say Nothin”, speaks volumes. Opening with dreamy, Motown-esque vocals, within moments you are shaken by the shoulders from that dream with hard, dark piano chords, sonically booming sounds and spirited lyrics from Lil Fame of MOP. Challenging his critics and contenders alike, to “Say Nothin”, Lil Fame maneuvers the lexicon with his aggressive lyricism and clever word play, exercising his skills, employing a hardcore articulation that is unique and rare to hip hop. Heavily credited producer, I-Fresh, hits the sentimental emotions with his aural assault indicative of a solid sound that hip hop aficionados will appreciate.This track is off the album “Walk of Fame” his first respective solo project to date without his MOP partner, Billy Danze.

Article written by Vidya Souksabai for the Intl Underground Rap & Hip Hop connexion
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