#NEW – Hell Razah WU TRIAD ORGANIZED CRIME (Hosted by Dj Flipcyide)

Dedicated to all the Wu legions around the world and to all the people around this world fighting to keep up the real Hip Hop alive and who keep spreading some knowledge! Hell Razah WU TRIAD ORGANIZED CRIME (Hosted by Dj Flipcyide)

Wingz Up to Hell Razah, Dj Flipcyide and all the Ghetto Governement Officials! #WuTang


01. Intro
02. GZA – Feel Like An Enemy feat. Trigga, Hell Razah, Prodigal Sunn & Killah Priest
03. GZA feat. RZA & Hell Razah & Timbo King & Dreddy Kruger – Hip Hop Fury
04. Method Man feat. Streetlife; Inspectah Deck & Mobb Deep, Hell Razah – Play IV Keep
05. U-God – Shell Shock feat. Raekwon, Hell Razah & Leathafase
06. Ol’ Dirty Bastard feat. Sunz Of Man & Brooklyn ZU – Lintballz
07. Ghostface Killah – We Made It feat. Superb, Chip Banks & Hell Razah
08. Gza feat. Ol’ Dirty Bastard & Hell Razah – Crash Your Crew
09. Killah Priest feat. Hell Razah – One Step
10. U-God – Pleasure or Pain feat. Hell Razah
11. Gravediggaz feat. Hell Razah – Repentance Day
12. Killah Priest feat. Hell Razah – Tai Chi
13. Killarmy – Wake Up feat. Sunz Of Man
14. Killah Priest – Til’ Thee Angels Come feat. Hell Razah
15. Hell Razah – Outro

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