#NEW – God Killz On Sunday EP by Saunt

This new ep by Saunt’s is the 1st one out of 3rd Flow Wreckkids in association with 7 Thrones Productions. It is an “anticipation” to the “THREE DA HARDWAY” LP in collaboration with Redd Rebel & Sinister that is expected for a release within the summer of 2017.

Even before listening to it I was curious about the choice of this title so I asked Saunt if he could explain it a bit more, this is what he told me:

“Nothing I do is ever against God. More than likely I have a better relationship with the source than most do. On the contrary its about how God is the perfect engineer. Understanding that all great creation must have resistance. In order to grow there must be resistance. Whether you are building up ur body, your mind or your spirit you must have resistance. Its the book of job!”

This project is also featuring Skampoe (member of PCP) as well as Redd Rebel & Inphynit whom are both member of the group United Soul Alliance.

Article written by Isa Nahila S