Dj Flipcyide

No refunds

#New Dre Specz & Dj Flipcyide – No Refunds mixtape

Dre Specz Lived the early years of his life in Flemingdon Park, Toronto, and relocated to Greenbrae in Scarborough at the age of 15, he has experienced it all. Having solely focused on pursuing a career in music for the past ten years, it is now time for Specz to shine.

Inspired by the likes of Bone Thugs n Harmony, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep to name a few – Specz is extremely versatile with inspiration from both the HipHop and Reggae world. With two solo mixtapes released and another with his brother, Jae Banko released November 1st 2013. Not only is Dre Specz a solo artist, he is also apart of GSC (Gully Side Camp). GSC, who is closely affiliated with M3G (Mad Man Murda Gang), released their 1st mixtape in 2015.

Specz being so versatile with his inspirations, his style of music is rather unique – Hardcore street music with a twist of consciousness. Specz music is filled with realness, and gives the listener a dose of reality. A lot of artists rap about it, but aren’t actually about it, whereas Specz tells stories from thoughts and experience. Being no stranger to life’s issues and bad cards dealt, music has been an emotional release for Specz having been through so much.

On March 6th, Dre Specz released his 3rd solo mixtape titled “No Refunds”. It features a few artists throughout the Toronto area, as well as Philadelphia’ own Freeway, and was mixed by DJ Flipcyide of the Wu Tang dj coalition. Dre Specz is another one of the many artists in the Toronto elite music scene that is on the verge of a very bright, and successful future.

Dre Specz & Dj Flipcyide are also both members of Hell Razah’s Ghetto Government Officials movement.