New!!! Dj School in Albany Ny – Cap City Dj School (Dj Grand Wizard Rasheen & Dj Mercury)

The news has just been confirmed a few days ago … DJ Grand Wizard Rasheen is back to teaching with his partner Dj Mercury within the group Elements of Hip Hop (emcee Mikey D formally of Main Source).

For those of you who would not know yet Dj Grand Wizard Rasheen has been the teacher of Dj Jazzy Jeff & Dj Cash Money.

Dj Mercury is also a well known old school Dj former member of the group X Clan.

For more information about them and their background please read the interviews made with the International Underground Rap & Hip Hop connexion (link attached).

For more information or booking Djing lessons call: (518) 894 3516 or email at acsodny@gmail.com

They are running dirt cheap specials through January 30 2016.

And guess what this opportunity offered to get lessons from some experienced vinyl Dj’s is given to a worldwide audience as SKYPE lessons are available!!!

INTERVIEW Dj Mercury [Link]
INTERVIEW Dj Grand Wizard Rasheen [Link]

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