#New – BigBob presents Ski “Sinful” Cuts by Dcypha

“Sinful” is off the latest album BigBob presents THE BLESSINGS VOL. 2! The latest track from the ESI studio is a unique and rare confession of life.

Underground outlier MC, Ski combines his charismatic and ingenious lyrics with a confident delivery that displays a detour from the mainstream portrayal of hip hop. His raw and brilliant linguistic artistry paints a prospective picture of his natural talent, while having the listener eagerly await the next technical word play.

Avant garde producer BigBob, sketches a groovy & engaging sound deviating from his dark constructions. Contemporary and funky bass lines by talented musician, The Note Troll, connect the listener to thematic sampling and calculating cuts & scratches provided by the skillful turntablist, Dcypha. This cohesive and successful arrangement proves that BigBob’s production isn’t trying to fit into a systematic box but creating deep layers of explorations and addressing new musical waves with classic charm.

Article by Vidya Souksabai


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