#New album Troubled by Shakezpeare (UK)

“TROUBLED the third Solo Album from Uk artist Shakezpeare, this time round Shakezpeare has decided to work with nobody but his own alter egos, Skeletons and demons to deliver this new Album, Sticking to the essence of Shakezpeare (for those not familiar) Raw, Out Spoken, Direct, thoughtful, Questioning, Conflicted, with the same delivery and flows that twist and turn over riddems. All beats were produced by Shakezpeare under the alias TSS beats So on this album you will get to take a complete look into who and what makes Shakezpeare tick, (Or as much as he allows)
You decide.”

“Troubled” by Shakezpeare will take you away from your comfort zone it offers its listener the possibility to really dig and enter the Shakezpeare dark universe.. full of lyrical bomb we play it loop in the team right now.. you cannot listen to it without feeling weird and thinking about your surrounding, life as well as our society! Awesome piece of work right there so listen and go grab it today!
Isa S Bigini