AHX718 - Hold Your Horses

#New – AHX718 – Hold Your Horses (Reviewed by Rebecca Armendariz aka B.Original Armendariz )

AHX718 also known simply as AHX and pronounced OX, has recently released “Hold Your Horses” which is the response to the present and vastly growing interest on his solo joints and collabos. AHX718 explains the need for Beats, Rhymes and Loyalty. His composition is a far different elixir than what the mainstream media would feed you.

This captivating “vers libre” is the brainchild of a humble and versatile mindset so it should come as no surprise to find out this veteran artist hails from Queens. Hold Your Horses boldly describes the motives and interests in the lab and on the streets. Depicting the values embraced by the generation that originated this art form.
this song doesn’t have to get “clearance from other artists.

Article Written by Rebecca Armendariz aka B.Original Armendariz

The track is also available in Free Download: