Learn about the HipHopGods Radio Show & Website!!

HipHopGods is a Hip Hop show hosted by Dj Flatline! For you to understand the show and its powerful concept behind it better, here is a short interview with Dj Flatline who kindly accepted to give us a bit of his time for our website.

Isa S Bigini – How and when were the HipHopGods website & show born?

HipHopGods – HipHopGods is the brain child of Chuck D from Public Enemy. He wanted a site that would showcase not only classic artists but the new material that classic artists were releasing. We started the site in 2009 and have been going strong ever since. The HipHopGods Radio show was an idea that was hatched on the way to a Public Enemy concert a few years after the site launched. Almost 400 shows later, it’s an honor to truly shine the spotlight on all the great new tracks that classic artists are releasing.

Isa S Bigini Can you talk to us about the whole concept?

HipHopGods – The idea behind the site and the radio show was to service and support classic artists and everything that they bring to the table that the average hip hop site wasn’t covering. The site and the show have become a destination where classic artists know they are going to get the support they need and rightfully deserve.

Isa S Bigini  Can you tell us more about Flatline and his career?

HipHopGods Well, I am a long time fan of hip hop music and have been working with Chuck since 2002 via the original RAPstation site. Previous to that, between 1994-1996, I had a weekly 3-hour college hip hop radio show. To bring that experience to now via HipHopGods Radio has been a lot of fun. I also produce Chuck’s weekly radio show, AndYouDon’tStop, which is the two hour epicenter of hip hop and rap music.

Chuck D and Dj Flatline

Isa S Bigini Where and when can we listen to the show?

HipHopGods New shows for HipHopGods Radio can currently be heard every Tuesday night at and new editions of AndYouDon’tStop can be heard across the country on various stations, as well as at

There’s many talented people involved with both shows – please follow them on Twitter @aliasCX @HHC_hiphop @TravisBickle67 @wildsteveradio @kyleeustice @DJTerminatorX @TeamDjDvs @@PEPRradio @LibrarywithTim @BlazinEurasian @djblakghost @A5KEM

Isa S Bigini As a conclusion do you have anything else we should know about HipHopGods?

HipHopGods HipHopGods will continue to grow at a steady pace and we really appreciate your support. The site itself is in the process of being relaunched and we’re really excited about that. If you truly love hip hop music and culture then we’re a destination for you where we showcase it and salute it properly. We really put in a lot of work to curate the art form and take a lot of pride in celebrating classic hip hop artists and all they’ve done and continue to do.

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