Interview with Synista (GGO Atlanta)

Nahila S– When and how did you start MCing?

Synista – I started as a youngsta with friends and family living the hip hop life. Breakdancing, graffiti, djing,
and freestyling around the hood. When I left high school I started doing open mics, contests, and shows professionally.

Nahila S – Where does the name Synista come from?

Synista – A family member gave me the name in my early teens. I used to be very wild. So I used the name as my mc name.

Nahila S – Who or what were your early influences?

Synista – The golden age mcs. Kane, Kool G Rap, Rakim. Wutang, Sunz Of Man, Gravediggaz also was a MAJOR influence on me.

Nahila S – Can you tell us about your former group, Influenza? where can we check the sounds?

Synista – Influenza was a group that was with my two other cousins Intellect and Mic Angelo. We were all solo mcs trying to get on. We were hitting up every open mic, cypher, rap battles, concerts, etc. We figured why not just become a group. We disbanded after a record deal fell through. Intellect doesn’t do music. Mic Angelo has an album and few videos out.

Nahila S – You are doing a lot of rap battles and are well known in the circuit! What skills shall a good battler have? How did this started for you?

Synista – Stage presence, a good vocabulary. You need tough skin to deal with critics. Plus tough skin for the disrespectful statements your opponents say.
I always been battling as a teen and doing rap battles in the streets and contests. Professionally I started in GrindtimeNow. They set up a tryout battle. My opponent didn’t show, but I said I’ll battle anyone in the building. They saw what I could do and immediately gave me matches. There is NEVER a month that goes by I don’t get offered a battle from a league.

Nahila S – You are also representing GGO (Hell Razah Ghetto Governement Officials) for the Atlanta chapter. How did that collaboration start?

Synista – It was due to my bro Automatik Greatness. We grew up together. I have a very deep history with that brother. He introduced me to Hellrazor in Brooklyn. Razor and Queen linked me to Atlanta chapter general Giovanni Pratt and it’s been on from there.

Nahila S – On January 9, you will be battling VX another GGO member. How does it feel to battle your own people? does it make this battle any special for you?

Synista – It’s different for me cause that’s the homie. I rather battle people I dislike due to how disrespectful I get in the ring. So since VX is peoples this will be a challenge to be fighting the homie in the ring.

Nahila S – How can we go check the battle?

Synista – It will be available on Youtube weeks after the event. Its up to the league when it gets released.

Nahila S – What is your vision of the hip hop scene today?

Synista – It’s more business than it being about the artform. Many artists are not focused on creating quality material. Too much mediocre hip hop out there.

Nahila S – To date what are your best career achievements?

Synista – My name getting recognized in this extremely over-saturated. So many artists that go unrecognized. Everywhere I go people stop me and show mad love. I deal with lots of negativity from internet trolls, but in person it has always been positive feedback. Plus many of the friends I grew up with are dead or in jail doing serious time. I’m grateful to travel the country and get paid to do what I love.

Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

Synista – I got the mixtape “Mark Of A Beast’ set to release. I got a film “Wages Of Syn” written and directed by me coming soon, Got the “Taking It To The Streets” Atl segment coming with author Lasuria Kandi Allman. SYNISTATV episodes coming. Still got battles booked. And the GGO Battle Squad southern division I’m going to be running. So got a lot to do in 2016. I’ll be busy but want to be effective.

Nahila S – What does your passion for music bring you?

Synista – Therapy for all the craziness that lifes brings to the mind, body, and soul.

Nahila S – As a conclusion, what message would you like to pass on to someone willing to start MCing and/or battling?

Synista – Be passionate. Do it cause you love it. You will go through many obstacles, but your passion will keep you going. Learn the game. Study the greats and stay perfecting your craft