Interview with Su-Preme

Nahila S – How and when did you start beatmaking?

Su-Preme – I remember going to the jams in the park. And always wishing that the short break parts of records could continue to play … Then I heard about a jam in bedstuy where the dj use a machine called a beat box this early 70’s. There was no thing call hip Hop. In the late 70’s brought a Casio vl-tone keyboard.
That was the beginning for me.

Nahila S – What machine did you use to make your first beat and do you still have it?

Su-Preme – My first keyboard was the Casio vl-tone. A year later they came out with the synsonic drums. I got that. And started making beats and play at the park jams in redhook . That set up is long gone .

Nahila S – Who was the first MC to use a Su-Preme beat?

Su-Preme – Mc Tray bag he’s hell Razahs older brother.

Nahila S – What was your first step as a Producer?

Su-Preme – Su-Preme – Always dream of beats or hearing beats in my head that needed to get out. Saving money to buy a real drum machine.

Nahila S – Can you explain to us the difference between a Beatmaker and a Producer?

Su-Preme – I was a beat maker for many years and I’m still a beat maker. You have to be a beat maker first just to learn how to make beats.. To make beats for a artist for the creation of a song you need to be a producer.

A beatmaker will make beats to give the listener a certain feeling happy, sad, angry. A producer will make music that fits the artist
And to make the artist sound better.

Nahila S – You have a series of tutorial videos available on youtube and also a serie of available DVDs (“Su-Preme The Beatmaker” and “Su-Preme The Producer”), what did motivate you to pass on your knowledge to others?

Su-Preme – Because there was no one to teach me back in the days because there was not a lot of people doing it. Plus people were always asking me how to do this and that on the mpc.. I just wanted to help and give back.

Nahila S – What do you think about the state of Hip Hop today?

Su-Preme – Hip hop is still here most of it is good. Anything on major labels and radio is wack aka corny …

Nahila S – What is “Hip Hop” for you?

Su-Preme – Hip hop is all I know …
Its a way of life .
The way you think
The way you look at yourself and the world.
Hop hop has saved my life and giving me a life.

Nahila S – What positive does your passion for Hip Hop brings you?

Su-Preme – I get a chance to help people … Make music … Listen to the boom bap hear the stories in song. Hip hop makes me feel good.

Nahila S – To date what have been your best career achievements?

Su-Preme – Being here in NYC to see and hear the birth of hip hop. Being a pat of wu-tang.
I was there from the beginning when they released there first record on cassette tape. Working on hell Razah’s movie and put out new music with new artist.

Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

Su-Preme – We just dropped “Exodus – The audio revolution”. I’m working with the legend “funk master wiz”. Got 3 album in the works right now.

Nahila S – As a conclusion, what advise or message would you like to pass on to someone willing at beatmaking and/or producing?

Su-Preme – Do it to have fun just like you would go to the park to play basketball.. I was once told by a record label executive that it’s easier to hit the lotto than become famous in the entertainment industry! I would say that’s true. But at the time I didn’t believe it. So if you are getting in to become rich and famous
Play the lotto and don’t quit your day job.
But if you doing it because you love music and the art, you will have a better chance at making it than the person that’s in it for money.