Interview with Patrice Lee by M.Q.Z Aka Muxaveli

M.Q.Z – Hello Patrice When did you start your career as an artist ?

Patrice Lee – I started my career as an artist 5 years ago but as a writer 18 years ago.

M.Q.Z – What drove you to sing and at first what got you addicted to it ?

Patrice Lee – I’ve always had an appreciation for music from as early as I can remember. I used music as therapy growing up rough.What got me addicted to music was being able to use my voice as an additional instrument with a beat.

M.Q.Z – What keeps you motivated in order to keep on creating music ?

Patrice Lee – I would have to say being inspired by life keeps me motivated to keep creating music. It is fascinating how different sounds and lyrics can create a powerful mood.

M.Q.Z – What is your writing process or approach to a song ?

Patrice Lee – When I approach a song it’s all about the art of thought. Sounds can bring back a memory or give you a certain feeling. So I typically vibe with the music first and let the vocals and lyrics flow naturally.

M.Q.Z – What part of song making appeals to you the most and what you dislike the most about it ?

Patrice Lee – I love the Vocal Arranging part of Music. The intricate details in vocals. I don’t have a dislike per se’ only because I love the freedom of creativity.

M.Q.Z – In your opinion what has been lost in the art of modern day music if any at all and how do you contribute to the lost art ?

Patrice Lee – What has been lost in music in my opinion is the art of Love. It seems as though people focus more on the production versus the writing and music/vocal skill of Music. Story telling has seem to disappear. What I bring to the table is that “Lost Art” of storytelling and emotion in music.

M.Q.Z – Do you think there should be a clear distinction between underground, Indie and commercial artists or they all create art with in their given capacity and there is no difference between these categories ?

Patrice Lee – There is not a difference between the categories as far as talent is concerned. I would say the separation would be how the artists/companies are utilizing marketing. It seems the bigger the budget the more publicity versus talent alone.

M.Q.Z – What else do you do aside from music and how did that change come about or what are your goals outside of music and how do you intend to achieve them ?

Patrice Lee – I am also apart of the business of Music. As a founding member, I look forward to being able to nurture another Artist or two and perhaps assist them with their vision as an artist. I’ve always been Business Oriented so being apart of the Label is really important. Outside of Music I love cooking. So a concept restaurant in the very near future would be awesome.

M.Q.Z – Is there an art to music marketing and promotion on the business side or it is just what ever amount of money you throw it will help you grow ?

Patrice Lee – I would say there is definitely an art to marketing and promotion. I prefer the Organic fan base only because you know for sure people are actually listening and the marketing isn’t creating a false reality.

M.Q.Z – What are your personal experiences in the music business and how has that helped you with your career ?

Patrice Lee – My personal experiences in the music business so far has been pleasant. I’ve always taken pride in remaining humble and true to self no matter what and that has seem to work best for me.

M.Q.Z – What is your advice for the up and coming artists who are trying to make a name for themselves ?

Patrice Lee – My advice to up and coming artists would be to study the business and be aware of who you are and what you want out of your career.

M.Q.Z – Do you have any up and coming projects and when are they going to be released ?

Patrice Lee – Currently “Nitecap” the EP is scheduled for Release on November 15th. I have a follow up EP shortly thereafter called “Fuckin Wit Feelins” and then my first official album early 2019.

M.Q.Z – Last but not the least can you let our readers know if they can see you performing any where in the near future ?

Patrice Lee – We are currently setting up a tour schedule for 2019 which I am so excited about. So I will have updates soon.

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