Interview with NoOrdinary

Nahila S – When and how did you start rapping?

NoOrdinary – I use to write Poetry at 10 years old, getting my feelings out on paper felt good. I started rapping at age 13, it was a spur of the moment decision. I told my Friend that I wanted to write a song, and we sat and came up with a hook. Later on I wrote two verses to go with the hook. I haven’t stopped writing since.

Nahila S – Who or what were your early influences?

NoOrdinary – My early influences were Wu-Tang, Methodman, Ghostface, Raeqwon, Redman, Rakim, Biggy Smalls, Big Pun, (TerrorSquad), Nas, Dre, DMX, and many more.

Nahila S – Where does the name NoOrdinary come from?

NoOrdinary – NoOrdinary is something I made up on my own. I went through so many names but never one that I really liked or stuck to. I came up with NoOrdinary in 2011, when i started my graphic design business. I use it because I was into all aspects of art, I had multiple talents and felt as though I’m not the average person, and NoOrdinary Fit.

Nahila S – Your passion for arts goes further than just music. Can you tell us about your studies?

NoOrdinary – I started out drawing cartoon characters, I did it so well that my step father thought I traced the characters, so he challenged me to sit in front of him and draw it again. I sat in front of him and drew up the character, my mother and him were very impressed. I started drawing everyday, and knew i wanted to be an artist when i was older. I started my poetry at 10 and writing music at 13, I also love to paint. I went on to college to become a Graphic Designer but could not finish school due to my mothers health. I got into Photography, Video Directing and Editing also in 2011. I love all aspects of art and explore it any chance I get.

Nahila S – You are a member of DRP with Sczar and RockRaze. How did this start? tell us more about DRP.

NoOrdinary – I met Sczar and RockRaze in 2001, Sczar used to play the drums and was on the drum squad. They used to come around my neighborhood and visit my neighbor whom was their friend and fellow drum member. Eventually we all started talking and learning that we are all into music. Sczar and I started dating in 2003, and we’ve all been close friends ever since. Sczar and Rockraze were recording at different studios, doing shows and putting their music out on the streets. In 2004 We formed our own Group Called “DRP”. DRP Means “Deliver the Right Product.” DRP dropped their first mixtape in 2008 called “We Run This City”. Sczar released a Mixtape in 2009 Called “Broken Spotlight” which can be found on Datpiff. Finally In 2011 we purchased our own studio and have been recording and releasing our own music since. We’ve released 3 mixtapes, and have released a lot of music on soundcloud and youtube. Stay tuned we are always dropping new music.

Nahila S – If I ask you to pick up a track that would represent well the DRP spirit which one would that be to date and why?

NoOrdinary – I’d have to go with Lorde – Royals. We come from South Philadelphia, from the hood. So we are your basic normal everyday people, with a dream. We are rich in our minds, We could drive a honda and be okay with that. Luxury/Money means nothing if your not Royal to your people. And we our Kings and Queens in our own right.

Nahila S – What is your vision of the hip hop scene today?

NoOrdinary – My vision of the hiphop scene today is that it is starting to evolve back into lyrical music which I love. I’m seeing many underground artist start to put substance back into their music and that is what hiphop is missing. We also need to respect our DJ’s, these are the guys / girls that will get your music heard. I’m seeing the dancing coming back also. Hiphop’s Future is looking great. For the people who said Hiphop Died, it didnt it lives underground. But it is slowly working its way back.

Nahila S – How would you define your style of hip hop and what messages do you try to pass on within your music?

NoOrdinary – I dont try to limit myself to one style, I like to push myself to different limits. As for my messages they are about the world, they are about myself, they are about things in life that i experienced. I also like to make songs that make you use your thinking cap. Some songs are Revolutionary some songs are Gangsta, some are about love, some about life. – It’s all about how i feel at the moment.

Nahila S – What positive does your passion for music bring you?

NoOrdinary – Music always kept me out of trouble, it kept me off the streets. I could write how i feel everyday. It makes me feel good when I change a person’s mind or life about something negative they were going to do or making them happy when they feel down. That’s what gives me motivation to keep going.

Nahila S – To date what are your best career achievements?

NoOrdinary – So far i’ve worked with 3 Radio Stations, Airitoutradio, based out of Philadelphia, Chances Radio based out of UK, London, and The Lodd Manafess Show based out in New York. As for DRP we’ve had a few interviews, we would love to do more. We put Sczar’s new single “Give Me a Break” on “Protect Ya Neck Records” compilation mixtape “The North Meets The South” which is on Itunes. We networked across the world, DRP music is spinning all over. We are getting ready to do shows and expand our fan base even further. After all we can’t accomplish anything with out our fans. We thank each and everyone of them for their continued support.

Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

NoOrdinay – I would like to release a NoOrdinary Mixtape, no plans on when or what date yet. I will be starting NOW, which is NoOrdinary Wear, look for it soon. DRP will also be releasing a new mixtape, we don’t have exact dates we just like to drop it when we feel the time is right. Everything is about timing. We are constantly dropping new singles to give our fan’s something new each month. So look forward to more singles and a mixtape from DRP.

Nahila S – As a conclusion what message would you like to pass on to someone willing to start MCing today?

NoOrdinary – I’d pass on that you can be anyone you want to be, never give up on your dreams because of another person’s opinion. If you want to be successful do something everyday that involves your dream. Anything in this world is possible, never say it’s to late, and keep pushing everyday! Just get to work!

And I would like to end up this interview with a special Shout Out!!.. Eric Bellamy is one very special part of DRP and we can’t thank him enough for what he does for the team!

We asked NoOrdinary to select for the International Underground Rap Hip Hop connexion two of her tracks that mean some special to her and here there are.. (interview written by Isa Nahila S Bigini)

No SunShine – “a song I wrote about my mother after she had passed away, just trying to cope with her death” (note from NoOrdinary about the track)

The Second Song is “Go Catch It” “it is about riding with their partner no matter what they want to do in life stick by their dream and push them toward their goals. We all need that extra push.” (NoOrdinary)