Interview with Mugzy

Nahila S – When and how did you start MCing?

Mugzy – Well my brother who is 2yrs younger then me introduced me to Hip Hop music.

When we were kids he had all these burnt CD’s of Artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes even the likes of Bow Wow haha and they were on loop constantly playing daily through-out the house.

Fast Forward to 05 I think I was 14 at the time so years of High School I uses to get punked & bullied a lot which cause me to have suicidal depression. Through-out that year i got myself an Ipod and started listening to artists such as Eminem (Being a white boy myself) & his aggression/lyrics just gave me a voice to fight back like this voice in my head saying (Don’t take no sh** anymore).
When I was so attached with Eminem’s music I then started listening to more artists such as Tupac, 50 Cent etc etc and they kinda developed me into a different person.

Later on down the road I knew I was never good at school so instead of doing my work I would drop some small rhymes in my book but I knew if I wanted to progress this I would have to write full songs.

Cut a long story short from having those influences on my Ipod and dropping down those rhymes in my work book it’s led me to Release 2 albums (Hopefully working on a 3rd), Radio Play/Magazine Features WORLDWIDE, 12k & OVER fan base WORLDWIDE, Tone of Acting Roles, and BEST of all meet & greets with celebs/idols I thought I’d never meet in my LIFE on this Earth.

Nahila S – Who or what were your early influences?

Mugzy – It sounds cliché to say but its gotta be Eminem. He was the one who broke that barrier of hip hop which was formally a black domain of music like he gave white rappers a voice to be heard in this culture.

Like I know before he came into the scene there were white artists such as Vanilla Ice, MC Serch, Beastie Boys etc etc BUT I don’t think they had a big enough impact on the scene like Eminem did (He’s the Elvis of hip hop).

Nahila S – Where does the name Mugzy come from?

Mugzy – Well when I was starting off I used to do Gangsta Rap I would write down lyrics about Shooting Guns, Drugs, Gangs all that type of stuff even though it wasn’t my life. I think it was because of the early 00s it was such a cool image.

Like we had G-Unit who just came out and everyone wanted to be like 50 with rocking the Du-Rag, Baseball Cap, Basketball Jersey the whole lot (Yes i rocked that back in the day i was Wigger-Out). My first Rap-Name was Ryder-Reyne like my real name is Reyne Brady as in rain but spelt diff (Sounds corny as f***) so yeah i started with that.

One Night I was watchin the comedy movie Soul Plane with Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart & Method Man, Method Man’s character was a layed back funny/qwerky sorta guy called Muggsy.

As I was watching the movie I thought (wow his character is a lot like me), when the credits rolled up i checked out the name and thought (hmm instead of spelling it the same how about i use one G and switch the S to a Z so it comes out Mugzy) and it just clicked. Hopefully later on down the road of my career I meet Method Man so I can tell him that story haha!

Nahila S – How would you describe your hip hop style?

Mugzy – I grew up with the 90s & Early 00s when Hip Hop had a message, voice & kept it real (TRUE TO THE CULTURE), it wasn’t materialistic, arrogant, fake like today’s scene so if you hear my music it will be like stepping into the past when hip hop was golden.

Nahila S – What are the tracks that represent your style the best?

Mugzy – Wow that is a really hard question i cant just give you one haha. Go listen to the full album lol

Nahila S – What is the hip hop scene like in Australia and what is your vision of the hip hop scene globally?

Mugzy – Check out my track “Aussie With An American Attitude” and it will explain it to ya. (LINK)

There’s extreme amount of talent in the underground scene. I’ve seen so many gems that i cant understand why these labels don’t pick up on it and sign some of us BRING THAT TRUE ASPECT OF HIP HOP BACK.
These artists they sign today are wack garbage and its sad because today’s society view that as hip hop it’s NOT
If we continue this path its only gonna die more.

Nahila S – To date what are your best career achievements?

Mugzy – I wouldn’t say in my music career I’d say all around LIFE.
BEST/MEMORABLE moment would have to be meeting my childhood hero Walter Emanuel Jones who played Zack Taylor AKA The Original Black Power Ranger in the 90s TV Kids Show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

He was doing a Meet & Greet at Sydney’s Supanova Comic Expo which happens once a year in July. Anyways on the day i woke up super early. My brother and I took the train down then after a 2hr train ride we arrived at the DOME which it was held in
OMG it was packed I thought sh** I’m never gonna meet him with this amount of people.

We then rocked up to his signing table and can you believe i was the 1st and ONLY one waiting in his line (TRUE DEDICATED FAN RIGHT HERE haha) At the same time i was shocked cause i thought it would of been packed out.

Anyways i had to wait an 1hr for him to come (got there to early lol) He finally rocked up and i was honestly tuttering/shaking from him being RIGHT in front of me just knowing this is my childhood hero right here like just remembering running around as a kid playing his character wanting to be like him and NOW we are Face-to-Face. So i took a deep breath and we were literally talking to each other like best friends it was INSANE if i could go back in time id love to do it again OMG I just cant believe it honestly happened.

Nahila S – What positive does your passion for hip hop bring you?

Mugzy – Lets just say if i didn’t find hip hop and embrace the culture I don’t know where I would be today.
It’s made me who i am.
In what i wear.
How i talk.
How i walk.
My views on things in life.

Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

Mugzy – Yeah i really want to get back into the studio ASAP and get this 3rd album happening.

For this album i want it to be a 2 disk because after the 2nd one was released i had a tone of ideas day after day going through my head just flooding in lol

Also im in talks with getting some HUGE collabs on this album such as (Solomon Childs, J-Wess, Masta Ace, Slo Down, RedMan) Ive got them on fb/twitter just have to hit them up to see if their down haha
With beats for this 3rd release some are covers like instrumentals from other artists but when i put my own twist on it OMG its INSANE so i think this will be a 2disk Mixtape BUT will see.

Nahila S – As a conclusion what advise would you give to someone willing to start MCing?

Mugzy – I will say this If you want to do hip hop & be a rapper and make music
DO it because you love it DON’T do it cause it’s a phase or you just want to be like the people on tv/radio

If you love hip hop and put time/dedication into your work You have my full respect.

(Facebook Fan Page) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mugzy/216863988358655