Interview with MDolla

It’s not everyday I get to build with such a humble and creatively driven emcee like MDOLLA. When we linked up, I got to ask the PA bred emcee a few things about how he came up in hip hop,his team and where he envisions his career going in the future.
With the STR8BIZ/TWO4WARENT team surrounding him with nothing but sheer motivation and a “all or nothing” mentality, his chances of rising to great new heights are looking pretty solid. His new album “Million Dolla” hits stores recently and is available through MDOLLA’s thedollarstore.com and other major retailers such as Amazon,Google Play Music ect…Here is what MDOLLA had to say about a few things when we had the chance to connect.

MISH – Where are you originally from, born and raised? What city and state do you rep now and consider home?

MDolla – I was born in central pa between Harrisburg and State College in Lewistown Pa. I currently live in the Philly Area. Va Beach and Norfolk Va are a 2nd home to me and Staten Island, Bk and Nyc have been great to me the last 2 years.

MISH – When did you know you wanted to become an emcee and how did you officially start making music?

MDolla – I always loved hip hop and RnB. I was a big fan of JayZ, Nas, Method Man and Eminem coming up. We all freestyled and battled for fun. I didnt start taking it serious till after high school. I started recording and doing shows. Once I got some great feed back I think I knew this was for me. My first show was in Ft Green Projects for Ft Green Day. A old head told me, “dont worry about the clapping for you, this is Brooklyn. You didnt get shot at or boo’d so you did your thing”.

MISH – Who were some early influences that inspired your music career and what was it that you liked about them?

MDolla – At a really young age Wu Tang, Biggie and Pac really inspired me musically, but at the same time I was hearing old school RnB in my house from my Mom. So I think the combination of both gave me an appreciation for music.

MISH – Is there a team you run with, and if so, how did that form?

MDolla – Str8Biz/Two4WarEnt is my clique. I met Shawn Bostic, an Indiana native, in Norfolk Va at a barbershop battle my first day in Va. I battled at the shop and he gave me a haircut afterwards. We went to Norfolk State University, where he was a student at the time, the next day and recorded a song. After that we worked together on several projects and that was the brand he created, so I joined to continue the business. Two4WarEnt was started by Fes Taylor & L.I.S. in Staten Island Ny. I met Fes in PA years ago through a mutual friend Babbi Par, who I was working with in PA doing shows etc. Years later when I moved closer to Ny I started working with Fes. Since then Ive done over 30+ videos with his company Black Out City Films and worked on numerous projects. Fes Taylor is dropping Insanity Genius Album April 1st!! Go pick that up!

MISH – What are some projects you did when you first came out and started to let people know who you were?

MDolla – M.O.M. “Money Over Misery” that particular project is where I started to hone in on my skills, and my lyrical content. I put my heart and soul into that album.

MISH – What are your immediate music career goals in the next 1 to 3 years?

MDolla – Honestly from the beginning I just wanted to make good music, but when I started to grow as an Emcee, I wanted to be mentioned with some of the greats.

MISH – Where does the motivation to make your music come from, and how much time do you spend writing and in the studio?

MDolla – My motivation is my life experiences.. Perhaps,through my life experiences I can touch people through my music. My musical process is based a lot off feeling, if the music touches me, I feel like I can create a pretty good song. When you put your heart into your music, it’s hard to go wrong.

MISH – You recently dropped your sophomore album titled, “Million Dolla,” how would you compare this album to your other projects? What can people expect from it?

MDolla – The difference in my previous work, is mainly my growth musically, the way I approached things on M.O.M., is totally different from how I constructed “Million Dolla”. The process of my new work it was more meticulous, I really wanted to test myself and try to take things to new heights lyrically. People can expect a hard, rhythmic, organic sound, that’s very creative and different. I definitely push the envelope when I created the LP.

MISH – On the new album, what were you hoping people would receive most from it, and is there any one you would like to shout out?

MDolla – I wanted people to know, that it’s still good music out there. I came in this game to offer something different for the masses. Indeed, I’m trying to to cement my legacy in Hip Hop. First and foremost, I’d like to thank the man upstairs for putting me in the position to even be heard. I’d like to shout out Str8Biz,Bostic, Fes Taylor,(II IV War) Hason (Real Job), Enoch, Don Muhammad, Billy Dakid, Richard Rudimental, Big Baby, J Stoner, and most of all the fans that supported me from day one.

MISH – What can we expect from M-DOLLA in 2016 and is there anything you would like to say to the Hip Hop Community?

MDolla – Hopefully national exposure, I like my music to go global. I’d like to change lives through my music. I feel like the state of Hip Hop is becoming watered down, and carried by the beat instead of the music. Hip Hop needs to be more creative and more unique. We must go back to the true essence of the art, when every artist had their own style and flavor. Hip Hop has the ability grow globally, from years to come if we keep making strides and continue pushing the boundries.

Interview written by Nicholas Misha Dabich

CHECK OUT MDolla Million Dolla album [LINK]