Interview with Lord Fury from the Moon Crickets

Nahila S – How and when did you start MCing?

Lord Fury – I started MCing to reggae and dancehall music from the age 10-12 then i picked the art of hip hop from 12 on… I used to rhyme about poverty and the black situation in the western hemisphere.

Nahila S – Who or what were your early influences?

Lord Fury – My early influences were Peter Tosh, Nicodemus, Ninja Man, Super Cat on the reggae side and Boogie down productions, brand nubians, poor ritcheous teachers, X clan, def jeff, big daddy kane, tragedy khadafi, public enemy and special ed on the hip hop side…

Nahila S – Where does the name Lord Fury come from?

Lord Fury – When I was young people used to say I get angry fast due to my mother passing away when I was 12 and sleeping on the street forced to live a life a crime and ending up in juvenile detention centers… one day my friend said we are gonna call you “fury” and it stuck with me. The name Lord came after a lot of studying knowledge of self history science and religion.

Nahila S – You are a member of the Moon Crickets with Killah Priest and Dj Mercilless. How did this all start?

Lord Fury – I met up with killah priest at a concert that ghostface was headlining in canada and told him i wanna do some songs with him. Trife the god was there so was sheek louch so i ended up bringing them all to dj mercilless the next morning… this went on for 4 days on day 3 dec.20 2011 i mentioned the name moon crickets as a joke but then it got serious real fast lol day 4 ghostface came through and recorded a verse for my solo album but thats how the moon crickets started.

MISH – Who is your favorite wu tang mc?

Lord Fury – That would be killah priest old dirty bastard hell razah..

MISH – why?

Lord Fury – They kept it real when times were changing for the worst, Killah Priest is the most spiritual mc to touch a mic and he’s the high priest of hip hop… Hell Razah is the poor people’s governor and he has always been that way.. Old Dirty Bastard did not care about anyone’s opinion so you can see why I relate. I mean I love Ghostface out of the original 9 he makes the best albums but I also love Masta Killa and Inspectah Deck.. Deck’s album is a classic, uncontrolled substance is fire.. Masta Killa got that jamaican flow and I understand now because he told me he hung out with a jamaican don named Nicodemus.

MISH – who is your personal top 10 brooklyn mcs?

Lord Fury – No order big daddy kane, gza, killah priest, sean price, hell razah, old dirty bastard, half a mill, special ed jeru the damaja, brother j from xclan

Nahila S – What does your passion for music brings you?

Lord Fury – My passion for music brings me positive energy because I speak the truth from a different angle that a lot of people are scared to do. My mission is to speak on behalf of the poor and have nots because I was there in the valley of death myself. That’s my passion to speak the truth to all people and it brings me joy when people comprehend what I’m saying.

Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

Lord Fury – Upcoming projects are as follows we are running a contest for MCs to have a chance to get on a song with styles p, killah priest, tragedy khadafi, sheek louch, cappadonna, ras kass, planet asia, kabaka pyramid myself and sean price. The song is called Rapacalypse and it’s on the “Death in the arena” album.

The proceeds will go to the making of a cartoon video which every mc will be in. “Death in the arena” is coming out this year, we have the heaven/tomb vision wisdom video dropping off the Moon Crickets’ mixtape “The Calm Before the Storm”, and a video called the one off the death in the arena album featuring sheek louch trife the god killah priest and myself.

Nahila S – How is the Hip Hop scene in Canada?

Lord Fury – the Canada hip hop scene is hard core we got Rock Reign, the underground legend GKnight, ROL who is the next big thing, my bredrin Kid Kold who has an EP with freeway all produced by dj mercilless and it’s fire! Their called the black gang. Babylon warchild is out here the almighty shing shing regime be killing it out here to, Raz fresco and Gene1. The megapowers be power bombing mics out here Canada’s doing big things.

Nahila S – To date what are your best personal or career achievements?

Lord Fury – My best personal achievements would be the influence I had on the blocks I lived on. I taught a lot of people knowledge of self and children gravitate to me so I taught them a lot to. My children are my top notch achievements, career wise now I would say being able to finance and build the moon crickets project with Dj Mercilless and Killah Priest. Dj Mercilless and myself are opposites, he’s brilliant and calm and i’m wild and unruly lol

Nahila S – I listened to the “Takin’ it to the streets” radio show and I like the talk about the trap music! Can you please explain to us what is in fact “Trap” and what it represent?

Lord Fury – Trap music is exactly what it sounds like.. a trap. They put a T in front of rap and look at the lifestyle it promotes. Niggativity, it’s gone so far you got this cracker called stitches running around singing songs about niggaz with niggaz in the song and they got no problem with it smh trap music is deaf dumb and blind music.

MISH – Is the white man the devil?

Lord Fury – Yes but not all and a lot of black people are the devil too.

Nahila S – As a conclusion, what advice or message would you like to pass on to the new generation starting MCing nowadays?

Lord Fury – My advice for the next generation of mcs is just be yourself and know for certain that hip hop is a vessel that can be used for good or evil and you shall be held accountable for your actions.. PEACE

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Moon Crickets

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Interview written by Isa Nahila S Bigini aka Nahila S and Nicholas Misha Dabich aka MISH