Interview with Lady PharOh

Nahila S – Where are you from?

Lady PharOh – Born In Victoria, TX Raised all over, including Austin to St. Petersburg, FL

Nahila S – When and how did you start rapping?

Lady PharOh – I started rapping in early 2012.. I gained interest in music to help a friend in need, to further push their presence in the community and gain more momentum for them… when that fell apart I had many people keep pushing me to stay with music, telling me I had something to share.. so I did.. that’s when I met Legion D Wise late 2012 and was immediately signed to a recording agreement contract under Against The Grain Ent., as their first artist and dubbed 2nd in command with Camouflage Crews to which was I was named The Assassin Apprentice… up until recently, we have parted ways and I have ventured off on a solo mission.

Nahila S – Who or what were your early influences?

Lady PharOh – a big influence in life in general for me has always and will forever remain Eryka Badu… along side Lauren Hill, Madonna, Janis Joplin, M.I.A. and Mc Lyte as far as the females go..
Nas, Biggie, Elvis, Run D Mc, Jimi Hendrix.. I used to listen to a lot of R&B as well like Keith Sweat, Jodeic…. I also dig the sounds of the underground with Blackalisious, Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Eyedea~ RIP.

Nahila S – How would you define your style of Hip Hop and what messages do you try to pass on with your music?

Lady PharOh – I’m still playing with a lot of different styles and sounds, different type beats.. each beat tells me what to do.. it just paints a picture of, you know, maybe something in my head, or something I have gone through in life or just a fun song, it makes me wanna act up, snap, or dance or just chill and vibe… the message I would hope to portray is just be you, we are all or have gone through trials and errors in life and i just want to let people know, that’s OK.. it’s how you get to the other side of that that counts.. never give up and that you aren’t alone in your fears or failures or hurts in life.. I want someone to hear a track and just be filled with energy to go get it.. what ever that IT may be or to heal and know its ok to move from that pain and be whole again..

Nahila S – You are close to the famous Emcee Godbliss, how did you meet and are you a member of Last Prophecy Ent (his label) yet?

Lady PharOh – The God they call BLISS… we met many moons ago when I caught his eye with my boldness and hunger to work with a femcee I had ran across online… she dissed me but he kept an eye on me from there.. I am very close with The Last Prophecy and have been for the last few years.. more so this past year when i began to want more knowledge of self and to better my cypher. GodBliss has been a great teacher and always has something to build with.. I do see The Last Prophecy and Lady PharOh expanding in the very near future.. I think there is much work to be done.. I believe we have the bricks.

Nahila S – What is your vision of the Hip Hop scene today?

Lady PharOh – I think that the game done changed.. hip hop isn’t dead but it’s being held captive.. in all our hearts.. but the mainstream wants that dead.. the true soldiers wont allow it.. it’s a lot of commercial nonsense out there today.. I don’t too much like to turn on the radio any more.. I won’t dare saying that ALL that is out now is trash.. there are a lot of great creators still pushing and I applaud them.. but I do I feel the true EmCee’s will resurrect the essence and feed the masses who starve for it… most of the cats now don’t even know the roots or the importance to keep the realness alive and well… we shall see.. there is a shift coming…

Nahila S – What positive does your passion for music bring you?

Lady PharOh – Music has always been a grand outlet for me.. a distraction from things that really don’t merit time or attention.. it’s a way to keep me grounded and focused and expressive.. it helps heal me from things I bottle or couldn’t express otherwise.. music is a healer and that’s what I hope to bring forth for others with my story’s and sounds…

Nahila S – Do you think it is harder for a female Emcee in the rap scene? and if so why?

Lady PharOh – tuh.. YES.. it is THE HARDEST….. it’s a mans world.. but there is a constant struggle between are you girly enough or are you hood enough.. or can you really go toe to toe and contend with the guys or other females out there.. it’s like you always gotta prove yourself and I am over all that.. either get with it or swerve really….. also.. when you are working on things with other emcee’s and you’re a female.. their wives or girls tend to get a little too extra and jealous.. it’s unnecessary and really makes me question females and where their minds are at.. it’s also hard to determine if a male artist is really trying to work or if he got other plans… it’s annoying… very, at times…. discouraging.

Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

Lady PharOh – well 2016 has begun and we are off to a full start out the gate… I have 3 projects set to begin construction.. there are no target dates as of yet but as things roll along nicely.. I will have a better vision and be able to see whats what… One of which is my 2nd album SPILT MILK.. that is still in progression… I’m also going to do an EP with a local producer and a mixtape with a couple of my old pals… should be really fun.. very excited to see the end results of everyone involved… I’ve also been doing a lot of collaborations with other artists and producers, one of which Doomer Henry whose done work for Grand Daddy IU, God Bliss, and WuTang.. bringing some heat with a new track i just dropped with HarvHustle for his album FREEDOM OF SPEACH to drop by spring… so we move, shakin.. got a lot on the plate..

Nahila S – To date what are your best career achievements?

Lady PharOh – Well the 1st 2 years I was out grinding as an artist I was nominated as best female hip hop artist of the year.. didn’t win but I ran with some greats…via Austin Texas Hip Hop Awards.
But this past year 2015 I was nominated for album of the year for Assassin Apprentice LP, female performer of the year and female hip hop artist of the year… and I won all 3… with The Texas Artist Showcase which it a statewide outlet.

Nahila S – As a conclusion what message would you like to pass on to someone willing to start MCing todday?

Lady PharOh – COVER YOUR BUTTTTT!!!!!!!.. stay true to YOU… don’t get boxed in and sold on someone else’s dream… practice.. grind.. stay humble.. even the biggest achievements should expose where you can improve.. and just GROW.. have fun with it.. but attack it like it’s a job.. and if you love what you do.. you’ll never work a day in your life..

Lady PharOh

Lady PharOh