Interview with J-Chill

Isa Nahila S – Where are you from?

J-Chill – I am originally from a small town of Santa Maria California it’s grown in population over some time but lived in Las Vegas 5 years ago

Isa Nahila S – When and how did you start MCing?

J-Chill – I first started MCing in the early 80’s & 90’s fell in love with music at 10 years old really got into Hip Hop Music at the age of 15

Isa Nahila S – Who or what were your early influences?

J-Chill – Some of my earlier influences were the classic old skool legends in the game such as Egyptian Lover, Fat Boys, L.L. Cool J, EPMD, Slick Rick, so many more

Isa Nahila S – Where does the name J Chill come from?

J-Chill – I went though a couple different MC names back in the day but my stage moniker comes from a good friend of mine named Tony Wallhe was the first to introduce me to Hip Hop artist like K-Solo and few others. In high school he used to call me JHype because of my high energy i was kind of like the class clown so he would tell me Yo! J just Chill after that the name just stuck lol

Isa Nahila S – You worked with some legendary Djs such as Dj Grand Wizard Rasheen, how did this collaboration started? How did you link up?

J-Chill – I first got connected with the legendary Mikey D from Queens New York on face book from there i networked and connected with DJ Mercury he sent one of my acapella tracks for Simma Down to Grand Wizard Rasheen who in return produced the new remix that’s out now on my sound cloud www.soundcloud.com/j- chillmusic

Isa Nahila S – What is your vision of the scene today?

J-Chill – My honest opinion of the Hip Hop scene today is that it has changed alot over the years i respect the game every one has a different ear when i comes to music. I will keep it real 100 there is alot of garbage out on the radio air waves but the movement is still alive. Some of the newer music is dope i personally don’t get down with most of it every artist is in their own lane and i continue to stay in my own as well

Isa Nahila S – To date what are your best career achievements?

J-Chill – I would say my best Career achievements to date would be my ability to build great bridges with artist in the game also my new music i have recorded thus far still working on more projects

Isa Nahila S – What does your passion for music bring you?

J-Chill – My passion for music brings me peace of mind happiness i dig all kinds of music and i love being creative and if i can bring people the same feeling then my mission is accomplished

Isa Nahila S – What messages do you try to pass on with your music?

J-Chill – I try to pass on the passion and love for Hip Hop skills the raw uncut pure dope boom bap the message having fun spread love and unity

Isa Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

J-Chill – I am currently working on some new solo music projects with my producer Christopher Williams DJ Troop on his label Made In The Golden Era he has recorded and produced for many such as Hip Hop artist Red Head Kingpin, Yo Yo, reggae artist Snow and more. We have two new remix versions of my track Simma Down one is a original cut and the other will be a B-Boy remix also working on some graphics for other artist plus more to come soon

Isa Nahila S – As a conclusion, what message would you like to pass on to someone willing to start MCing today?

J-Chill – The message i would like to pass on is that anyone coming into the music industry and wants to be an MC is to stay focused on your craft build your skills network as much as you can keep it real 100 stay humble at all times and carry on tradition

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