General Ju

Interview with General Ju

Isa Nahila S – When and how did you start MCing?

General Ju – I started doing music the top of 2015 around Late Jan early Feb. everything I do is for my daughter, fam and my brothers GHG/WGH.

Isa Nahila S – Where are you from?

General Ju – Born in West Brighton stayed there until 11/12 then moved to Arlington for a few but I’m from nowhere really just Staten Island, New York that’s home!

General Ju

General Ju

Isa Nahila S – Who or what were your early influences?

General Ju – Influenced by my parents hard work and seeing them struggle but always making sure we have what we need is why I work as hard as I do and go as hard as I do. Lol but rappers Jay-Z Kanye West The Game 50 Cent were my early influences.

Isa Nahila S – Where does the name General Ju come from?

General Ju – General is a name my homies gave me because I lead by example and front line. I don’t manipulate people whatever I ask of someone is what I offer. And my nickname is Juju comes from my 1st name Justin. Hence the name General Ju.

Isa Nahila S – What messages do you try to pass on through your music?

General Ju – I really just honestly tell my life story and it’s all therapy for me. Been through a lot I just try to vent through my music and I let people take it how they take it. I def feel like I’m one of the realist because everything is #FactzOnly.

Isa Nahila S – You are really close to the famous Emcee Fes Taylor, how did you link up?

General Ju – Fes my brother I met him through Hason my engineer. We clicced all on some genuine shit we all working for the same dream and it’s more than music both Fes and Has like my big bros this family GHG/WGH/WPC/RJS forever both the best at what they do.

Isa Nahila S – What is your vision of the Hip Hop movement today?

General Ju – Just bringing back reality rap. Thoughtful meaningful music a lot of dumb down stuff which is selling like crazy but it’s going to set us back 5-10 years from now. Just trying to be a leader and visionary hopefully one day everything gels together and we can leave our marks on music and life in general.

Isa Nahila S – To date what are your best carrier achievements?

General Ju – Best achievements is the feedback and the love from my peoples because that’s who it’s all for.

Isa Nahila S – What are your upcoming projects?

General Ju – Upcoming mixtape my 1st one #FactzOnly coming soon bringing the heat crazy stories a bunch of flows but def something to watch out for really put my all in it.

Isa Nahila S – As a conclusion what advise would you give to someone willing to start MCing?

General Ju – Be yourself. Don’t compromise your vision for somebody else’s. Believe in yourself before you look for others to believe in you because how can you make someone believe in something when you don’t believe in it. Try to be original as possible and just don’t take shit from nobody be self made. Real shit!