Interview with Eddie Brock from King Midas Clique

MISH – When did you first discover your musical ability, and that you wanted to be an MC?

Eddie Brock – I have been creating beats and learning since 02… I was always writing in school but didn’t take it to beats until a few years after I started producing.

MISH – Who was your biggest musical influence?and why?

Eddie Brock – Musical influences are vast because i listen to everything i can get my hands on… Here are a few Marvin Gaye, the Isley Brothers, port is head, DJ Khalil, Raekwon, Ghostface.

MISH – What are some of your fondest musical memories from when you were a kid growing up?

Eddie Brock – My mom and grandmother always playing oldies. And my soaking it all up like a sponge…

MISH – If you had to pick an event in your life that was the toughest to overcome, what would it be?

Eddie Brock – It would be the death of my grandmother. She was most definitely my heart.

MISH – What would you say separates you from the other MC’s out today?

Eddie Brock – I’m 100% genuine and true to me. I like to call what I do reality rap. I talk about what I go through and deal with in life as a normal man that still works a 12 hour shift while pursuing my dreams.

MISH – Where does the drive to make music on a consistent basis come from for you?

Eddie Brock – I’m very passionate about what I do and I believe in my product whole hearted.

MISH – When people listen to your music, what is it that you hope they would hold on too after hearing it?

Eddie Brock – Clarity. A picture painted with words that they can see with their minds!

MISH – Where do you see yourself in Hip Hop in a couple years?

Eddie Brock – Professor Xavier with a team of x men if that makes sense.

MISH – What up and coming projects can we expect from Eddie Brock in 2016?

Eddie Brock – Another King Midas clique project, and Eddie Brock solo project, and a top secret project called the underdogs all in 2016.

MISH – What is it that you would like to say to the new MC’s in the game and the Hip Hop community?

Eddie Brock – Don’t quit your day job. Don’t try to mimic what you hear on the radio. Be original. Study your craft extensively before you start releasing music… I was producing over 7 years trying to perfect what I did before I really started trying to release things… Nowadays these guys been rapping or making beats for two months and coming out like it’s all good.