Interview with Cold Cash by M.Q.Z Aka Muxaveli

M.Q.Z – When did you start your career as an artist and what is the story behind your artist name ?

Cold Cash – I began rapping as a hobby in Middle school and started taking it seriously as a career around the age of 15 or 16.
I chose the name of Cold Cash due to a love for getting money but also knowing that there’s a cold side to this world, thus the name.

M.Q.Z – What drove you to rap and at first, what got you addicted to it ?

Cold Cash – A childhood friend who was already heavy into recording and performing music got me into it. Once I got good at it… it was on from there.

M.Q.Z – What keeps you motivated in order to keep on creating music ?

Cold Cash – The love for creating and building new things and ideas from scratch and the fact that music is a universal language that allows me to be able to mix and mingle with all types of individuals.

M.Q.Z – What is your writing process or approach to a song ?

Cold Cash – I usually canvas through beats 1st. Then I find a beat that matches the topic that I want to write about. I usually come up with the chorus of the song then the verses.

M.Q.Z – What part of song making appeals to you the most and what you dislike the most about it ?

Cold Cash – Coming up with different cadences to rap in and having to display versatility appeals to me the most. While I dislike the fact that sometimes the writing process gets time consuming for me depending on the topic of the song.

M.Q.Z – In your opinion what has been lost in hip hop and how do you contribute to the lost art ?
Do you think there should be a clear distinction between underground, Indie and commercial artists or they all create art with in their given capacity and there is no difference between these categories ?

Cold Cash – In my opinion Hip Hop has lost its integrity. There is a lack of concern for actual talent. I’m bringing both back to the game.
I believe that there has always been a clear distinction between those categories.

M.Q.Z – What else do you do aside from music and how did that change come about or what are your goals outside of music and how do you intend to achieve them ?

Cold Cash – I am currently acting and endorsing a few brands outside of music. I was able to expand into those areas based off connections made throughout the time I’ve been doing music. My goals are to
maintain a positive and full career and leave behind wealth for my children and family. I plan to achieve these goals by working hard and keeping my same hunger and determination throughout my career.

M.Q.Z – Is there an art to music marketing and promotion on the business side or it is just what ever amount of money you throw it will help you grow ?

Cold Cash – There is an art to it. You have to know what type of product you make and what market to target. You can pay promotion and marketing companies to assist you as well. The key is consistency…
a day off could be detrimental in today’s music climate considering how over saturated the game is.

M.Q.Z – How many friends have you made in the music business and how many friends before you entered the music business are still with you till this day ?

Cold Cash – Too many to count. All of my real friends are still around. I only become friends with “Real 1’s”.

M.Q.Z – Do you think there is a certain formula to making a hit song or has this term been overly used because packaging and presentation is all that matters ?

Cold Cash – I’ve learned that there is no secret recipe for a hit. People have different taste and most songs that become hits are not the record that a artists expects to do well. Packaging and presentation
matters but will not guarantee a hit.

M.Q.Z – How many artists have you mentored along the way or helped who have never looked back ever since ?

Cold Cash – A lot. I usually assist at least 5-10 artists a week with something but to no gratitude. Its cool though, I just like being able to be of assistance.

M.Q.Z – What are your personal experiences in the music business and how has that helped you with your career ?

Cold Cash – I have done everything from performing at small venues and local talent shows to crowds of 500 plus with big named artists. I have also featured and met with some of the industries biggest names.
These experiences have helped me with my career because they taught me how to work a stage, control a crowd and what is expected when working on the industry standard.

M.Q.Z – What is your advice for the up and coming artists who are trying to make a name for themselves ?

Cold Cash – My advice is to keep going. Build your own brand. In this day and age don’t be in a hurry to try to sign a deal. Utilize your own finances to promote, market and distribute your own product.

M.Q.Z – Your thoughts over the current digital music streams and their impact over ranking and is this a disadvantage for a lesser known artist or not ?

Cold Cash – Streaming is making the game a even playing field and works in the favor of the indie and underground artists if they can get a internet fan base.

M.Q.Z – Is building a catalogue important for an artist or just to catch a hit and see how it goes from there ?

Cold Cash – A artist with a catalogue will always be more sought after in the eyes of the labels. Its also good to have a lot of music in case you want to utilize certain songs strictly for promo use. But then you have the cases where a artist can catch a hit and accomplish their goals with that 1 song so either or depending on what your goals are for your career.

M.Q.Z – Do you have any up and coming projects and when are they going to be released ?

Cold Cash – I am currently in the studio working on 2 projects, “America the Ugly” and “Prayed Up”. I will be releasing them late December, 2018 and early 2019.

M.Q.Z – Last but not the least can you let our readers know if they can see you performing any where in the near future ?

Cold Cash – I am currently in the process of setting up a promo tour with the dates and cities to be announced soon via my social media platforms and various media outlets.