Interview with Christina artist Manager and CFO Last Prophecy Ent.

Nahila S – Could please you introduce yourself shortly for our readers?

Christina – Sure my name is Christina born September 2, 1990 to a Sicilian Catholic family in Chicago’s Southwestern Suburbs. The environment I grew up in was really non conducive to hip hop at all. Hip hop came to me at the age of 9 when I was walking home from school and I picked up three cassette tapes titled Twista “Adrenaline Rush”, Common “One Day It’ll All Make Sense” and Tupac “All Eyez On Me”.

In middle school and high school I was really getting into hip hop listening to Rakim, Nas, Brand Nubian, Big Daddy Kane, Krs-one, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Lil Kim, Kanye West, 50 cent, Mobb Deep, Eminem, Jay-z to name a few. I was the only chick and dude in my school listening to that real hip hop. Everyone else was listening to southern hip hop. I would get in to trouble a lot of times with my family even to this day for my love and devotion for hip hop music and black culture. It’s funny my sister said recently to me why are you glorifying these thugs and supporting thug life. Soon my family will realize of what a great move this was once I start to sharing this wealth with them. Hip hop really saved my life. (A Lupe Fiasco Song)

Nahila S – At the age of 25 you are already the Manager of the Emcee Godbliss and also the CFO of Last Prophecy Ent. How did the collaboration with Godbliss start?

Christina – When we met I was still managing B-Hype (Twista’s hype man). Also I did promo for GMG entertainment Twista’s label. I was not signed to a contact nor was I paid for my service so I felt used and abused for long night not being properly compensated for my services. Also a few other camps I was working with did not pay me as well. I was getting tired in putting my time and energy into this trap hip hop that did not uplift the public. So I took my business from Chicago to where hip hop originated and that was the Boogie Down Bronx. I gave my business proposition to Godbliss and we went to work. He pays me for my service and is refreshing to know I am supporting good music and a person who is changing the world through his deadly lyrics. I was doing so well managing everything with Godbliss’s career that he wanted me to help run his label. I accepted the responsibility and will be expanding the company shortly.

Nahila S – When and how was Last Prophecy born?

Christina – Originally established 2004 as Last Dynasty, Last Prophecy gave birth in 2007 by Godbliss himself, myself and his crew in the Highbridge section in the Bronx, NY.

Nahila S – Can you tell us a bit more about Last Prophecy and what you guys are doing?

Christina – Last Prophecy promotes the best upcoming singers, rap artists, models etc. in America. We currently have two models down with Last Prophecy. Stephanie Gonzalez from Camden, NJ and Brenda Marcano in Orlando, FL. We have a boxer who is with our company. His name is Saul Rodriguez from Riverside, CA. Finally last but not least we have another rapper who is signed with our label. His name is Jaynigma from Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Nahila S – How would you decrive the position of artist Manager and according to you what kind of skills does the job require?

Christina – The manager’s position is very involved. We are involved in counseling and advising artists on all matters related to their musical careers. We also help figure out which deals complement the clients independent operations and fit into their long-term career plans.

Nahila S – What positive does your passion for music and your role into it bring you?

Christina – I can literally sleep at night, knowing at the end of the day my target marketing and networking will make an impact in the music industry, and I feel Godbliss will have many more years to go teaching as he goes along how hip hop is suppose to be done. He has an incredible vocabulary. We wanted to team up with these lyrical geniuses showing the world Godbliss was on their level as far as intellect/lyrically and how he can morf into their distinctive styles. I enjoy working with him. He has been the first artist I’ve worked with who have truly been my pride and joy.

Nahila S – Are there any negative parts that you have to deal with?

Christina – While promoting certain sites want to make things difficult for independent artists. For example on YouTube. You put that same YouTube html on another blog site. The blog site registers views however the analytics does not reciprocate over to YouTube. Also Facebook and Instagram will see to it to block your account if you “abuse” your rights in contacting people. How the fuck am I abusing anything when the United States should be a free country. It’s just some of the example while I market in which I get aggravated sometimes.

Nahila S – Any upcoming project from Godbliss that we shall know of?

Christina – Godbliss is coming out with his project titled “The Crucible” because in life we are always tested severely. This masterpiece will be featuring Big Daddy Kane, Inspectah Deck, Kool G Rap, Grand Daddy I.U., K-Rino and J-lyn. He is also coming out with a single feat. Slick Rick in between projects.

Nahila S – What are your own personal or professional upcoming projects?

Christina – Last Prophecy Ent. is looking to expand not just in music, but incorporating a real estate division, a health division, opening up a school down the line.

Nahila S – As a conclusion what advice would you give both to someone willing to become an artist Manager and to an artist who would be searching for the right person to get to manage his career?

Christina – Never give up the fight and the hope that your great work will soon be answered. The key is to target their audience and also target their region sending emails to venues, radio station, music publications house. Anything to get his or her name out there.

Another important advise to do as a manager, you need to help invest in your artist because the more budget you have the more effective your branding is and the number of patrons you have the potential to reach. It takes money to make money. Money does not grow on trees. You got to hustle and grind.

Finally the last advise I leave all managers especially young naive women. You need to be on point and don’t let these dudes take advantage of you. You might not be the level you want to be but integrity and respect is worth way more then status level. Believe me they will take you seriously if your live life on a righteous path.

For any artist who is looking for a Manager, do your research first. Don’t just jump to a person just because they have a name. That person might just make you sell your soul.

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