“Insanity Genius” by Fes Taylor – Ep review

Veteran Mc Fes Taylor is set to release his upcoming ep titled “Insanity Genius” on April 1st.

After releasing an extended amount of solid projects, the Staten Island mc has made his mark and is well known for his raw and gritty street style with classics such as “Moneta” and “Pay Me in Respect”.

With his relentless work ethic, Taylor is determined to keep the streets well supplied with nothing less then quality music from his ever growing lab arsenal. In this new ep, you will find 8 tracks of a very well conditioned Fes Taylor project. As he continues to touch the mic, you will hear, at what is clear to be his career prime. Everything from lyrical content to production has been placed perfectly throughout the project and reflects Fes’s ability to deliver to his fans when he declares so. Insanity Genius does give you a glimpse of a newer Fes Taylor in a commercial light, but blends together nicely from his previous albums and original style we know him from.

Appearing on production are names such as Falling Down, Jimmy Neutron, Silent Production, Blitz Beats and East Coast Ave. With all of them adding their fine tuning and touches, the production on the project is next level. This is also 100% Fes Taylor with no features as well, so it gives you a look into his vision and ambition for Insanity Genius on a solo basis.

This ep is definitely “the tip of iceberg” of what is to come from Fes Taylor and the STR8WAR team in the near future. There is already plans for Fes’s next project “King Stat” to be released soon following “Insanity Genius “, and also an album titled “Rise Of the Lycans”, that will have a soulful 90’s feel with little more of Fes’s earlier work. That will be released upon readiness as well. After listening to the “Insanity Genius ” ep, it is safe to say I will be much anticipating music from the Fes Taylor and TWO4WAR camp.

Review written by Nicholas Misha Dabich aka MISH

LINK TO INSANITY GENIUS ON ITUNE [Insanity Genius by Fes Taylor]