#HipHop is for the Children – Humanitarian Announcement: ALL UNITED FOR OUR CHILDREN Vol. 3

Thanks to all the Hip Hop lovers and artists who will take the time to read this post and thanks a lot also to all the people who always have be there to help us spread the word and keep doing it!! your support means a lot to us all in the MLK Fundation

I am working already on the next opus of the COMPILE ALL UNITED FOR CHILDREN Vol 3

All the profits will go once again to the Orphanage of Bamako in Mali.

New opus will be with tracks in English only this time. (No bad words such as ‘bitches’ etc.. subjects of the tracks are politics, kids, world we are living in, hip hop love etc…)

I would like to take the chance to thank two beatmakers who have been with us for a while now and offered a lot of their work for the previous compilations I name Blackson Beats (Morocco) Beats & Monsta Beatz. Much respect!

Also a big thank you to Vödoo Musïc (France) for his eternal support and ALL is has been doing to help out the Fundation!

How this work: If you wish to participate please send the track or the beat you wish to give for the project to isa@promote.hiphop

Bless and One LOve

Isa Nahila S – MLK Activist