The Hip-Hop Press Conference In Jersey (HHPC) is an officially trademarked and service marked brand orginated by Take The Plunge, TTP – @GetSKRILLA thebrand and collaboratly founded and administered by @SupaEars, LLC. Collectivly, both Terrance L. Bankston (@GetSKRILLA) and Juan Gomez (@Supaears) has successfully led the charge in developing and branding the official hip-hop engine in Jersey/Tri-State Area.

In April of 2014, the HHPC brand was launched in Atlanta, GA and in the Spring of 2016 we will officially launch in Los Angeles, CA as well. As the largest and most official hip-hop network in the Tri-State area, we are pleased to present #HHPCVI occuring Saturday, May 6, 2017 in the Ironbound of Newark, New Jersey; just a few blocks from the Prudential Center Arena and the Newark Penn Station.

Twice a year, HHPC is proud to present the ultimiate network media mixer and concert attended by many of the East Coast’s most talented and most business minded independent artists, producers, graphic designers, videographers, chorepgraphers, writers, singers, poets, dancers, disc jockeys, video jockeys, bloggers, etc… coupled with not just Hip-Hop Legends and mainstream professionals but industry professionals ranging from production/engineering to management and royalties.

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