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Hell Razah – Buried Alive (Renaissance Child album

Renaissance Child is the solo debut album by Emcee Hell Razah (aka Heaven Razah), released on February 20, 2007 Razah is most famed as a member of Wu-Tang Clan affiliate groups Sunz of Man and Black Market Militia.

The album features production from MF DOOM, Dev 1, Shuko, Fabrizio Sotti and Wu-Tang affiliate producers Bronze Nazareth and 4th Disciple. This deep album includes featurings with Tragedy Khadafi, Timbo King, R.A. The Rugged Man, Talib Kweli, Viktor Vaughn, Killah Priest, Ras Kass and The Maccabeez.

Burried Alive Lyrics

“What did you mean when you said we were all dead?”
“Do you ever think two times before you do anything?”
“You ever think about what we want to do?”
“And how to get it passed the white man?”
“We don’t live life, we survive through life”

[Intro: Hell Razah]
Nu Kemet, Renaissance Child, raise the dead
Yea, Godz wrath, I’m back niggas, (about to bury niggas)
Open my casket, brush it off, brush that shit
Wipe the dirt off my shoulder, let’s go

[Hook: Hell Razah]
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+ (Yea)
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+ (Yea)
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+
It don’t matter if you’re rich, is you ready to die?
You can tell I survived from the dirt in my eyes (Yea)
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+

[Verse One: Hell Razah]
I ain’t dead son, my mind was in Solomon’s Tomb
No diva’s like Queen of Sheba, who be swallowin’ shrooms
Blair Witches from the hood, who don’t ride on no brooms
Just hard dick, wit a G-pack in hotel rooms
I’m back, holdin’ that ratchet, y’all left it on my casket
A rap kid that opened up my CD plastic
Another birth of a MC classic
I Hell Raz’ the dead, when I speak to the masses
I’m like.. Embalming fluids in Champagne glasses
They say my name backwards in toast to they soldiers
I let a Zombie beside wipe the dirt off my shoulder
We be Pyramid builders, we be dealin’ wit boulders
When I shine, it’s Supernova’s that be hoverin’ over
Wrote a Scripture on your tombstone, in the ink of a cobra
Tossin’ niggas off the ship, if they think they’re Jonah
We payin’ Hospital visits, if they’re layin’ in coma’s
Spit a verse on the corner, that be strong as Ammonia
Red Hook to Dimona, we snuffin’ slave owners
Even if it’s chain gang, we got a shank on us
It’s Maccabee, bang-bang, get a tank on us
Black Market military, project cemeteries
Rhymes be obituaries, simple as a dictionary
Draw it like it’s pictionary, blacker than The Mother Mary
Renaissance Icon, each bar legendary
Y’all lookin’ like the Blue Notes did, when they ain’t have Teddy
Come and get me, if y’all really ready, some for Armageddy

[Hook: Hell Razah]
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+ (Fuck ’em)
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+ (Yea)
The crack game want me +Buried Alive+ (You know)
You can’t tell I survived from the dirt in my eyes
It don’t matter if you’re rich, is you ready to die?
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+

[Verse Two: Hell Razah]
For dead men walkin’, I wrote this in they mental coffin
Kill your first borns off, wit a verbal abortion
I’m written in stone in the project, valley and dry bones
You were made like eye-clone sittin’ in my throne (Get up)
I play a skeleton bones like it’s xylophone (Brrrriinnnng)
For that money, my mummy strapped wit a lot of chrome
It’s flat line, dial tone wake ’em up, daddy’s home
They can bury my flesh, but can’t bury my soul
I ain’t atlas, but could carry the globe
I stroll wearin’ my gray clothes, draggin’ my robe
To a cipher, like a seance, and kick you a poem
Turn the club to a catacomb, wit bloods on the dance floor
Got models like Jezebel, takin’ they pants off
I’m tucked to common with fine diamonds, surrounded by violence
Archaeologist grave robbin’ in silence
Invaded by those British tyrants, like Howard Carter
I do this for Saints of Martyrs, and our father
Dustin’ off an old revolver, I’ll let the cylinder turn
And henny burn, that I sip in the urn
I draw it first then cremated, so remember the words
It’s either one God you serve, or you can sleep wit the worms (Yea)

[Hook: Hell Razah]
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+ (Ha-ha)
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+ (They wanna bury me man)
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+
It don’t matter if you’re rich, is you ready to die?
You can tell I survived from the dirt in my eyes (Look at me man)
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+ (You know I’m comin’ for y’all niggas)
This rap game want me +Buried Alive+ (Look at my fuckin’ eyes man, this shit
Is all real)

[Outro: Hell Razah]
Niggas thought I was gon’ rest in peace
But I’mma rise in peace, know’what’I’m’sayin’?
This goes out to all them fake ass record companies
And them fake ass record labels
Who thought they was just gon’ toss some fuckin’ dirt on our grave
And walk out the door with our masks and shit, know’what’Im’sayin’?
‘Naw man, we gon’ hunt y’all niggas down man
We gon’ hunt y’all niggas for the rest of y’all life man
The last niggas that did shit to us, the studio burned down
The last label that did some shit to us, they had to file bankrupcy
Feel me?, we not playin’ no fuckin’ game no mo’ man, Maccabees
Niggas want us +Buried Alive+, y’all want us +Buried Alive+
We gon’ write rhymes underground, in the underworld
On a fuckin’ tombstones, inside the caskets
That’s Mental Caskets though, cause y’all niggas is mentally dead
It’s the return of the livin’ dead man

Track listing Renaissance Child album

# Title Producer(s) Performer (s)
1 “Nativity” Krohme *Interlude*
2 “Buried Alive” Dirty Needlez Hell Razah
3 “Renaissance” Dev 1 Hell Razah, Tragedy Khadafi,
Timbo King, R.A. the Rugged Man
4 “Project Jazz” MF DOOM Hell Razah, Talib Kweli, MF DOOM
5 “Los Pepes Pt. 1” Bronze Nazareth Hell Razah, Bronze Nazareth
6 “Dear Sistah (Skit)” *Interlude*
7 “Yours Truly” Fabrizio Sotti Hell Razah
8 “Glow” 4th Disciple Hell Razah
9 “Chain Gang” DJ Battle Hell Razah
10 “Runaway Sambo” Smokeshop Productions Hell Razah
11 “Smoking Gunz” Dirty Needlez Hell Razah, Killah Priest
12 “Millennium Warfare” Bronze Nazareth Hell Razah
13 “Musical Murdah” Jordan River Banks Hell Razah, Ras Kass
14 “Maccabee House” Focis Hell Razah, Killah Priest, Timbo King
15 “Lost Ark” Krohme Hell Razah
16 “Thankful” Shuko Hell Razah