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Hell Razah aka Heaven Razah – Wu Triad Mixtape review by Kevo Starks

Hell Razah from the Legendary Wu-Tang Affiliate group Sunz of Man and CEO of his own Company Hell Razah Music Inc & GGO released his Official Mixtape Wu Triad (Organized Crime) hosted and mixed by Wu Tang DJ’s – DJ Flipcyide feat. Old Dirty Bastard, Gza, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, U-God, Killah Priest and much more! in March 2017.

Please find below the review of the mixtape that is still available in free download (See link at the end of the article).

Kevo Starks

When it comes to the Wu Universe, there are those MCs that stand out. Hell Razah is an MC that stands out, his skills are undeniable, this dude has mastered his craft when it comes to mic wrecking…and this brings us to the Wu Triad. This is a great piece that reminds us of what lyrical skills are suppose to be….unapologetic, ferocious, hard hitting and still able to teach life lessons.

Chron Smith… AKA Hell Razah…AKA Heaven Razah, skills stand the test of time, he is what you call a true MC. This mix of verbal gymnastics is what’s missing from Hip Hop.. the boasting, the knowledge of self awareness and everything you need to know about being an MC is right here in this selection of past tracks that should be revered.

DJ Flipcyide did his thing on here, this is a must have for any Sunz and Wu fans. Hell Razah’s bars just fits as he spits knowledge and throws daggers at the hart of the industry and any MC that think they can get busy. I love this shit because Mr. Chron Smith’s verses are a must to listen to. Wu Triad brings us that real Hip Hop…everlasting and forever. Go cop this joint, it’s a fantastic listen for any true Hip Hop fanatic.


Review written by Kevo Starks

Wu Triad Tracklist