Ghetto Government Officials

Ghetto Government Officials Announcement – Slots on mixtape now available!

SLOTS ARE AVAILABLE for the next GGO (Ghetto Government Officials) MXTP series.

There are 3 Non-GGO member slots available for this project and slots are $75 USD. Please send 1 track in mp3 format (Do not send unmixed music) to and put “GGO MXTP” in subject line.

Include artist name, track name, & producer name If your track is approved, slot payment is due within 7 days from approval notification. If payment is not received, your slot will not be held.

We are looking for a classic hip-hop/ boom bap sound. Absolutely no trap sounding beats. Please use original production and keep in mind that certain websites will reject tracks on instrumentals owned by someone else.

Slot fees will not be refunded if your track is rejected by the site. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 5/22/17

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