F A T P – UK Hip Hop Radio Show (Every Thursday 7 pm UK time)

The International Underground Rap & Hip Hop Connexion went to meet up with F A T P the UK Hip Hop Radio show! Here is a little introduction to the show and some links to follow them up!

Nahila S: How and when was the show born? talk to us about the concept

P.C The Producer: The concept for the show was presented to us by, at that time Wu Tang Radios Dj Swift towards the end of last year. He and Prodigal Sun had come up with a new concept in radio called Wild1 Radio to go in hand with a new record label of the same name. In which they wanted a station where all the shows were presented from a different country.

Dj Swift originally offered my good friend Duce Makepelu Turvey in New Zealand the chance which he declined and promptly put Dj Swift on to us via the immense global network of Killah bees (Wu Tang Clan fans). Firstly I declined the offer and introduced Swift to the host of RePPiN 4U : REPRESENTS REAL HIP HOP (Michael Grant) a show we work behind the scenes on here in the UK repping USA hip hop. Swift signed the show and proceeded to ask me if we could produce him a UK hip hop show for the world. I put this to a few lifelong friends and FATP (From Across The Pond) UK HIP HOP SHOW was born. Duce big shout out to you and your family way down in NZ….FATP is all down to you my Wu brother we salute you.

Nahila S: Who is hosting the show?

P.C The Producer: The show is hosted by emcee/Graffiti artist TASKER. Produced by myself and Kulvader with UKBig_Pun watching our backs… Our sound engineer is Sam Zircon who if you look into him is a force to be reckoned within the UK hip hop scene. We are privileged to have such a experienced/talented sound engineer on board.

Nahila S:
Where and when can we listen to the show?

P.C The Producer: FATP is on air every Thursday @7pm Hong Kong @7pm London @7pm L.A Only on Wild1 Radio which is available on the TuneIn Radio app in all app store. http://tunein.com/radio/Wild1-Radio-s259301/

Nahila S: Who is producing the show and as a conclusion do you have anything we shall know of about it?

P.C The Producer: FATP UK HIP HOP SHOW is produced in LCMP (Leicester Community Music Project) HQ STUDIOS. It’s an Arts Council and Lottery funded inner-city youth initiative aimed at helping and developing young lives in and around Leicester City here in the UK. What these guys do, not just for FATP, but the community is something outstanding. So could we give Yasin El Ashrafi/Sam Zircon and all at HQ and LCMP for allowing FATP to adopt the studio as its home in the heart of the UK and giving us a chance to rep our country and our city.

TUN IN every Thursday 7PM HONG KONG/ 7PM UK/ 7PM L.A

Hosted by:

  • Tasker
  • PC the Producer
  • Kul Vader
  • UK Big Pun
Kulvader+Sam Zircon

Kulvader+Sam Zircon



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