Hell's Wrath

DSR – Hell’s Wrath album Review

Nicholas Misha DabichThe DSR squad brought us quite a hip hop treat on Halloween! As they continue to feed the fans, the team dropped us a 25 tracks debut album as the “DSR” collective.

The line up is extensive and is covered with DSR Allstars. The first track sets the tone for what is to come on “Radiation” with the appearances from Caper, MC SAUNT, Sinista, Iron Helmet, Deathstar, Redd Rebel, G-Prophet & Pottarok. The 7:29 bars bashing first track gives you an idea of the lyrical content to follow.

Spread out throughout the whole album are well balanced tracks with featured DSR artists. To me, this is that raw, gritty and grimey rap that smacks you in the face and doesn’t let up. Every track has the real authentic feel of hip-hop to it.

Its a fun album as well, with comical skits placed almost as interludes that you find yourself laughing too as the album plays on. The artists themselves give off an “all hip hop nothing else” mentality as every track is more lyrical than next. The album probably stretches as long as it does, due to the impressive number of artists the record label has.

While most albums being put out these days tend to be on the shorter side, this one displays the opposite. Which in the long run you are getting more bang for your buck in more ways than one. While speaking of the vast number of MCs on the album, here a few to look out for on your ride through “Hell’s Wrath”….As said in the first song you have Caper, MC SAUNT, Sinista, Iron Helmet, Deathstar, Redd Rebel, G-Prophet, Portarok along with and to follow on the rest of the album Skampoe, Inphynit, Bloody Raw, Jigsaw, Smarts, Kash Da Saboture and last but not least The Grand Architect.

The Production list was also a joint effort as it consist of Lucid, Clanarchy, Gravestoneface, Gee Dark, Anno Domini, Lord Beatjitzu, Luka, L.O.B, Black Tokyo, Adan, Diract Beats and skits by J.Pressman.

As you can see with all of the artists and production team, it would’ve been hard for this album to miss.

My final thoughts would be: If you call yourself a true hip hop fan and you don’t have this in your collection or even worse, haven’t even heard of it, then I would truly question your musical integrity because… This is REAL HIP-HOP!

Article written by Nicholas Misha Dabich aka MISH