Dom Pachino – War Poetry album Review

In August of 2015, Killarmy member Dom Pachino and acclaimed Wu-Tang Producer Bronze Nazareth released a must have for any Killarmy/Wu-Tang enthusiasts.

Dom P is no rookie to the hip hop game with having been the founder of the Wu-Tang affiliate group Killarmy, as well as releasing several albums and mixtapes on his own label Napalm Recordings. War Poetry contains 12 original songs plus an added bonus track produced by 4th Disciple. The album really does capture the sound and feel of the classic Killarmy vibes. Dom’s lyrical content is vastly on point as he fires verse after verse as if he’s on a mission of war.

The classic dreary soundscape also blends as if it was made for his vocal tone. From start to finish the album flows smoothly with one common theme of militant hip-hop. It is definitely an album where picking one favorite track is next to impossible, but if having to do so I would have to choose “9 Henchmen” with the features of Shyheim, Bugsy Da God, Shogun Assasin, Timbo King, Sav Killz ,Dro Pesci, C-Rayz Walz and Bronze Nazareth. With that being one song packed with explosive features, the rest of the album continues to follow suit with appearances from Killa Sin, Prodigal Sunn, Lord Jessiah, Phillie, Leatha Fase, Pop Da Brown Hornet, Termanology and Block McCloud.

This album will easily be considered as an underground classic. During promotion it was made clear there would be a cut off date for all physical copies with that date ending already, but due to increase demand of the album, Napalm Recordings chose to extend the sale of physical copies for a little while longer. War Poetry can be found exclusively on bandcamp.com.

My final thoughts on “War Poetry” would be……… EASILY one the best releases of 2015, with that not at all to be taken lightly. Also, if you are a Dom Pachino aka P.R. Terrorist/Killarmy/Wu-Tang fan this is undoubtedly the next album you should be purchasing with no hesitation!


Review written by Nicholas Misha Dabich aka MISH