Dom pachino ft Dro Pesci Amsterdam

Hi hip-hop heads, i am Fix Meister the webmaster of the underground rap & hip-hop connexion.
I don’t hav writing skills, but ill try a shot on this one :

Last night we have met Dom P & Dro P in Amsterdam.
We have been chilling with them and the show promoters of the Elite Fleet, at their apartment.
I’m glad we had the opportunity to do this and get the crew known personally.
Around 12 we moved out to the club called Winston Kingdom (Warmoestraat, Amsterdam).
There was a hand full of people inside, so it was easy to go back stage without bumping to them.
Ten minutes later Nahila peeked at the place and was amazed the area was packed, i think there was around 100 people in waiting for the beats to drop.
The performance of Dom & Dro were wicked, and i enjoyed their style and made me move my whole 45 years old body, stomping my feet and nodding on the rime of the beats.

We used this opportunity to catch up with Shroom, Cpt Kirk and Dj Nextwon and the Elite Fleet.

Conclusion: I’m getting old but these mc’s made me move my ass and i realize it is time to make the young generation aware of the movement.

My phone has a crappy cam so i apologize the bad resolutions.


Fix Meister  [soon more about this gig]