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The Leschea Show is a one hour weekly talk show hosted by radio personality Leschea, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. The Leschea Show is Broadcasting live on Periscope and Facebook live for now.

Tun in to the Leschea Show every Saturday and Sunday morning 11am EST via periscope.

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Isa Nahila S – Good morning Leschea and thank you for accepting this short introduction interview with us! Can you introduce yourself a bit for our reader? How and when was the show born?

Leschea – We started working on the show in 2014. So many people have said how outgoing I am, love to have fun, keeps it real (a little too often) and people usually laugh loud and have good time when they are around me. To have my own show with such a big personality was kinda a no brainer!

The show is aired at home, the infamous “orange basement”. I interviewed celebrities from Big Daddy Kane, Kwame’, Rah Digga, Claudette Ortiz (from City High, Charles Oakley cooked in my kitchen and more.

Isa Nahila S – Can you please explain to us a bit further about the concept of the show?

Leschea – On Lescheashow we talk about celebrity news and what’s going on in the gossip world. Some facts, but mostly opinion and it can get quite controversial at times. Nevertheless, entertaining and always funny. I also interview celebrities, often times someone you have not seen in a while. I get their personal business and ask questions no one ever asked before…

Isa Nahila S – What are the upcoming shows about if there is some hints about it yet?

Leschea – I usually have a surprise interview once a month, we occasionally do a “She-Nut gallery” where it is an hour of girl chat or pure comedy when guest host Jey-Eff aka “Suge White” sits in.

In the next month or so, we’re dedicating a show to domestic violence with women in hip hop where a couple of my celebrity friends are ready to share their experiences with domestic violence. This is a serious show in hopes to help someone struggling with a similar situation.

Isa Nahila S – Do you take any Hip Hop artists interview requests or can they submit any of their new albums or mix-tapes to you?

Leschea – Anyone can request an interview. They can reach out to Masta Ace or email their request to lescheashow@gmail.com We are not accepting new music at this time.

Isa Nahila S – Who is producing the show and as a conclusion do you have anything else we shall know of about it?

Leschea – Hip Hop legend “Masta Ace” is the Executive Producer of the Lescheashow and he is also my husband. I absolutely love doing the show and people are loving it as well. Just in the short time that I have been doing this podcast, Lescheashow has won a mixcloud award! Pretty dope honor :)

And anyone who misses the live show on periscope can catch the audio at the home of the Lescheashow every following Tuesday @ brooklynradio.com, mixcloud.com and iTunes.

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